MP Weekend Event Dec. 26-29 2014

So it looks like they’re doing another weekend event for MP. We’ve missed most of it but it’s not too hard to get the kills, this weekend it is 100 kills with a bow and 100 kills with a greataxe. The event ends 1 pm on Monday the 29th. I think that’s more then enough time and if you wanna get a group up and going to do this stuff quick just say something here!

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I’d like to try for it tomorrow if anyone else is around. Although I don’t think I have a great axe character yet.

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Around what time?

make it an…ALL DAY EVENT

Hopefully I can play intermittently throughout the day, unless we solidify a time.

too bad there is no word on extending this due to the hax…

Yeah I couldn’t find anything about any extension. But I’ll try and be on sometime tomorrow, I work tomorrow night unfortunately.

As soon as I do my eris bounties I will be available to play

So… I may be able to play in the early afternoon PST, but evening is shot and i’m going to have to kick off my bro after he’s done with his Nightfall strike this morning…

Haha me and spred are on now