Mumble. down again :{


Hey mumble is back down if we get i back up soon let me know asap, CS:GO has practice today and 2 matchs!


Sorry for the inconvenience. We know this is critical for the team and we are working on a permanent solution.


Appreciate it @Vocino


Can someone verify that it works? I’m AFK currently. Thanks.


It works.


I’m on


Ok great. Thanks to @therubymug for saving it. I’m traveling and it’s difficult to manage remotely.

For context, the issue we are having is not mumble directly but the connection to the forum. In order to grant certain groups permissions we use the forum trust levels. To do this, we have to authenticate users with the forum database.

When that link goes down, you get a certificate error since your username is already associated with someone.

This prevents someone impersonating you or just switching their username to access moderator functions like moving people or kicking etc.

Again, we know mumble is great for real time communication with other Strats members and is critical for competitive gameplay like with the CS team. We are working on making sure it is more reliable going forward.


Big thanks to @therubymug , @Vocino for the work appreciate the fast response!


@gambleR let me know if it goes down again. I put a fix in place, let’s see if it sticks.