Mumble Downtime 5/30/14


Working this issue now. Should be back up shortly.


I had to make a new certificate…it is back up for me


Oh, hmm. It was reported as being down by @GuardianX.


it was down when i just woke up…tried to log in and told me certificate was bad…so i made a new one and was connected instantly


How do you make a new certificate?


I’m rebooting and working on the server right now though so you may want to just wait.


in the configure tab…then certificate wizard


It may be back to working though unfortunately I think you may have to reset your certs. I’m trying to figure out how to avoid that but it’s very difficult.


I reset my cert and it still isn’t working :confused:


Yeah, I spoke too soon. There has been a relatively major change in the way the db works and it’s a bit annoying. I may just bring up a standard mumble for now to get something up.


Ok, we’ll have to make due for now with limited “features” but it’s back up. I’ll work on it later tonight when I get home. Unfortunately, I’ll be out doing Real Life™ tonight so it will be later.


only one channel but its something


As I said.

I may have a fix for getting full auth back. I will try it get it going before I head out this evening if you guys don’t mind some server restarts.


Mumble fixed.