Mumble password incorrect


The mumble server is not allowing me to login. I attempted to reset my Strats password already and its not making a difference. I assume this is related to the url change.


Sorry man, to fix that SSL bug, this broke. Working it.


The forum reset earlier to address the Android SSL shenanigans derped the Mumble server, reset incoming shortly; everything should be fine afterwards :wink:


Sounds good. You even used you fancy mod background color.


I beat @Auth to the solution post! :dickbutt:


I clicked it back a forth like six times, then it yelled at me. lol


The best part is I didn’t even solve it. I just said “working on it”. Best tech support customer ever.


Get rekt :wink:


Wow… abuse of powers.


Nope, I didn’t touch it; @Dynamible just gave credit where credit was do, I guess :wink:


I let it go to my head. You made a compelling argument.


Mumble broke

How am I supposed to talk to my homies?


Ok, we should be back. Thank @therubymug