Music Website For Music Lovers

Hey everyone,

I am part of an online music website called Basically there are rooms created for different groups or genres of music. Many of the rooms hold special events. You are allowed to play any music/video from youtube or music found on soundcloud. There is also a chat. The site is free of charge. I have created a room thinking there may be some people who listen to music during the day at work or even during gaming sessions. Anyone who wants to hang out in the room is welcome and I can make you a moderator to keep out the riff raff. Also if anyone has any questions let me know.

This is the link


@monkthesonicwrestler, this might be right up your alley :wink:

This is what you were tellin me about, awesome man can’t wait till I get a comp and can have this going while I play I’m always listening to music when I play.

Props for using my friends at LaunchRock