Music While Gaming


I’m not sure how you guys are, but there’s almost always a soundtrack playing to games that don’t have their own music (e.g. League of Legends). When I’m itching to listen to something (that isn’t OCRemix) I go digging for cool sounds to listen to. I figured we could use this thread to post songs that we jam to when the game music isn’t there.

So for my first song, this catchy little tune by Snow Patrol. It’s called “Called Out In The Dark.”



Sorry for the double post, but I found this one yesterday that is brand new to me, and I didn’t want to forget to post it.

Elliphant - “Revolusion”





Escape The Fate - You’re Insane:


dont worry about putting up more good music reqs! If you are concerned with the double posting, don’t forget you can edit your original post. You can put up an “EDIT” tag too if you do that. I liked the Snow Patrol one though.


Ok, here’s a real one (full playlist):


I have a bunch of records I usually listen to. It all depends on the game! I’ll be honest when I am playing GTA:V my NWA and Wu Tang records get played quite a bit…


A great song whenever you win a game of League that goes together perfectly. Great team composition, excellent communication, flawless victory.


Depends on the game. Playing emulated games, I tend to listen to chiptunes music like Chipzel, Danimal Cannon, Chibi-Tech, etc. For crafting/building sandbox games I play bakds like Fever Ray and Swans or concept albums like early Genesis and King Crimson. For racing and FPS games I listen to prog metal and related artists like The Algorithm, Cloudkicker, Tesseract, etc.


Latest Kubbi album is amazing. I want to create a video game that fits around it being the soundtrack.


I haven’t posted in this topic in a while, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new M&S album, simply because their style is changing, and it actually fits really well with gaming now. They added a little more electronic sounds to their kit, and ditched the banjo, and came up with this magic.


Although it’s a completely different genre, your video and song reminded me of this classic Cinnamon Chasers video:

This album, song, and video was on repeat during the time in my life I was on like a nomad journey. I had just sold off the video assets of my production company. I then donated all of my furniture and clothes, except for 1 suitcase, and rented my townhouse for 2 years.

Nowhere to go, I drove to the airport and decided on a decent plane ticket.