Musical Flavor of the Week


I saw a movie a while back called Searching for Sugarman about an amazing artist who was under-appreciated for most of his life. His name is Rodriguez, and I thought of him on Monday; I have not been able to stop listening to him all week.

Give him a listen, and please do yourself a favor and watch Searching for Sugarman this weekend, available at your closest locally legal file-sharing venue!


I’m getting into this. Great find!

MP3 is free for Amazon Prime Members.


Oh yes.
Ine of the best documentary movie out there.
The artist is extremely good.
The voice is amazing and the story is just sick


I saw this movie on a bus heading down to Atlantic City a few years ago. Was a great documentary I remember doing a bunch of research after seeing it but I forgot everything I learned. I’m going to get my wife to watch it again with me so I can get back into it.

Not to hijack the thread but check out inside Llewyn Davis for another terrific movie with great folk music in it. Or you can just look up Oscar Isaac and listen to some of his music. He’s the actor in the movie and recorded a bunch of music for the soundtrack. The movie is great though so check it out too. And on another note, he is also going to be an x-wing pilot in the new Star Wars movie.



Not a bad jam, but falls just outside of my genre. Still appreciate the share. I like folk music like this, but he’s just a little too lifeless in his vocals. I can do the depressing lyrics most days, but I need to feel something from the artist.

What I did enjoy was the groovy instrumental. Dude has some really cool riffs in his stuff with some things I haven’t heard used together before.


His lyrics are especially depressing. I always knew that I like sad music, but didn’t realize how much until I looked at my Starred playlist on Spotify. Perhaps there’s more emotional depth to sadness? A discussion for another day.

I’m not a huge fan of folk myself actually, but the limited vocal range makes it easier for me to play and sing along :stuck_out_tongue:

Another song of the same musical, lyrical, and emotion genre for those feelin’ it:


The band that feeds my emotional depression is The Avett Brothers. I love them like no other.


Someone at work just introduced me to them this week! Live And Die is the only song of theirs I know so far and I love it. I’m an absolute sucker for good harmony. Melt like butter on fresh pancakes.

My first comment when I heard the song was “oh what a happy song”.


OMG, i just started listening to the hell out of them!

I saw this when viewing some information on an upcoming Shannon Hoon documentary:

and thought it was a great cover…then started listening to them when i found who he was.

sorry @RadSavage for totally straying for your original post. to get back to the OP, i prefer this song to get the basic gist across:

but you really need to see the movie to appreciate this guy.


Honestly, I want people to share what they’re listening to this week so straying from Rodriguez is appreciated :smiley:


In the interest of straying off topic, I always find myself revisiting the Metric catalog. Like many people, I found out about them from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

Following this discovery, I dug deep into their library and found I dug basically all of it; here are a few more easily-available, quality songs of theirs :wink:


Thanks Auth, I’m looking forward to checking out more Metric - I was in lesbians with the Black Sheep video after I saw Scotty P.

I mean honestly that scene in the movie makes me excited in all the right ways with that singing and that dancing and them boot. Oh my.

Diclaimer: That’s actress Brie Larson doing a cover of the song, as heard in the movie.