Must Resist... Blizzard introduces WoW Tokens (pay for subscription w/ in-game gold)



It has finally happened. Blizzard will let you pay for subscription time with in-game gold. I did a quick read and it seems to work like so:

  1. Player A buys WoW Tokens with real money ($$$).
  2. Player A puts WoW Token in Auction.
  3. Player B buys WoW Token for X amount of gold (price dynamically determined based on supply/demand)
    4. Player A effectively bought Gold with real money, Player B effectively saved $15 real dollars by using gold to buy play time.

Needless to say, I’m on the fence (again!) about reactivating my account. Blizzard you’re evil.

Official announcement here.


This seems to be the new norm in MMOing.


Edit: I’m interested to see what happens to the economy. I bet buying in-game time will cost far more than just outright paying for a sub. Or players won’t even do it, because some jerk is going to come in and completely crash the market, buying all the tokens and then re-listing them.


I doubt it, that wasn’t feasible in a smaller title like Wildstar which had the same system and I doubt anyone has enough gold to truly pull a stunt like that. For note: I had an active subscription for 7 months in Wildstar and never actually paid for it with my money, and I wasn’t alone; I think it’s a smart business move because those that are able to pay via in-game money will actually earn Blizzard more money than if they paid out of pocket since it’s a $15 item whereas monthly cost is much lower if you pay for several months at a time :wink:


They will be soulbound once purchased. This will not happen


This guy over here with his massive logical thinking :wink:

Side Note: Not sure why I didn’t think of that. #feelsdumb lol


lol, no i just read it on GameSpot, I didn’t mean to sound so robotic!

Also: I wish they had this like…5 years ago on WoW…I would have gotten back into it then.


I think it will drive sub numbers up, which is the point. If you play the AH right you can make a lot of gold, (though with garrisons i see it being less of a thing in a lot of cases.) This should let folks convert from Starter edition to sub edition without having to sell boxes, or game cards,.


I think more than just driving subs up, this is a way to curb sub attrition. I was not willing to pay monthly for Wildstar, but if all I had to do was play enough to pay for my subscription in-game, I was sold. @PreshusKitty and I were both in that boat, and neither of us ever paid our sub out of pocket. I bet some of the people who come back for expansions and then leave again when they wrap the content might stick around a bit longer, possibly indefinitely, based on this new structure.


Could this be an option for people who play more casually or more for the hardcore? I suppose even casually it would be like a BOGO if you can make enough gold and only have to pay a few months out of the year.


Probably. If there’s nothing else you need to drop cash-money on in game why not save it up and treat yo self to a free month once in a while :wink:


Treat yo self! The best day of the year!


If I dive back into it I’ll just blame it on research for Strats and report back my findings over here. I can’t be at peace with myself knowing that I willingly succumbed to the drug that is WoW.


I know the feeling…my friends who just moved near me both play WoW all the time. When they come over I see them playing and I’m like get that away from me! I’ve been clean for 4 years! But nevertheless, I’m sure I will fall back into the promise that is WoW, and my wife will be ashamed of me for caving. :frowning: But at least I would be in a blissful state and ignorant of the passage of time / responsibility. Lolz


This is a great move by blizzard, which will encourage greater participation in WoW.