My 4 y/o first fps


This is my son Jonah playing overwatch, he loves the "ice guy"


I can’t wait to do this with my son!


My son just turned 5 last week. He’s been playing shooters (among other games) on both PS4 and PC for almost 2 years. I mostly have him use an XB1 gamepad for the ease of learning.

I have him play vs AI on Overwatch but when playing Battlefield or Left 4 Dead I let him play with other people.

Often when I play Overwatch on PC he will play on the PS4 along with me.


That’s awesome


Yea, he’s been playing mario kart since he was two, this is his first use of the mouse, surprised how well he took to it


He will soon be MLG son ;).

Also love this video as well haha. “Totally” relatable when I’m hyped playing games. Initiate evil laugh when destroying things:


This morning my son declared “We are gamers, dad.”

I shed a tear.