My Book Escape (an update)


So, yesterday I received the first printed copy of my book as a proof subject to my approval. I have had it read and have read through it myself. I am very impressed with the work my publisher has done. The book meets and exceeds my expectations and I have sent the publisher an email explaining that.

The publisher gave me a 20 day deadline to review the book and I have sent them email today saying it is ready for the next step. I expect to hear from them explaining the marketing plans and release date. I hope to be able to update everyone with a link to the book for those of you that wish to see it.

I will have to say now though, I have a book that is registered and has an isdn number on it. It has a price of $18.99 on the cover and even my picture. So I guess it is official: I am now a Sci-Fy Author with my first book that will be released soon.

JR Warlord
Author: Escape


I’ll be sure to read it, just don’t go off and start your own religion now.


cool stuff!


Looking forward to reading it.


This is amazing. Will it be available on Amazon? You know we’ve got you as far as Amazon reviews go!


If Amazon does offer it, I guess we could all order a copy thru the site link and support Strats. Everyone wins!


Absolutely! Support everyone at once. I also hear that if you have a vehicle to push Amazon reviews, it helps tremendously with sales because it pushes the book in front of more people’s Amazon homepage feeds.


Yes, Amazon is one of the sources it will be available on first. They are supposed to have it on e-readers too.


I prefer hard copies. I like being able to look at all my books.



You sound like my father in law when I tried to get him a Kindle.

Books are great but when you’re at a checkpoint in the middle of the desert not carrying all those books is even better.


Yeah ebooks are handy and have their places.


For me though it has to be a Kindle cause it looks like actual ink on paper. I can’t read books on my phone or tablet.


I want the audiobook narrated by @JRWarlord.


I just want a cool name like JR Warlord.

I will name myself Johnny Stuckenschneider.

Lately I have been naming my PvP characters Johnny Carebear.


Now that I think about it “J. R. Warlord” does sound like an epic sci-if novelist’s pen name.


Like L. Ron Hubbard?


Yeah but with even more secret organizations.


Thank You, the Name J.R. Warlord has been my non-deploom for all my creative pursuits since high school. My classmates gave me the title of warlord as a nickname and I have used it as my signature on everything I do with a creative aspect. I have artwork, wind chimes, tattoo art, mods I have done, and now a Sci-Fy book with it monogramed across the bottom.


I finally was able to order your book at amazon here in germany and got it today! Can’t wait to read it. :smile: