My book is now official


though there will be an official release of my book eventually my publisher does have it listed at their warehouse and if you wish to get a copy follow this link:

Once marketing has the commercial and distribution to amazon and the other book stores done they will give me a full release date. This will probably coincide with a book signing somewhere but we have to work that out.

I will be setting up some book signing events soon and will post in here when and where. Also if you get the book and wish to have it signed by me feel free to shoot me a note and I will try to work it out for you. I do plan to offer a few signed copies for strats to use as giveaways.

thank you all for the awesome support.

JR Warlord

A wild Arctother appears!
A wild Arctother appears!
A wild Arctother appears!
Working on Retribution (book 2)



Sweet, let us know when it’s in Ebook format


I would be happy to and will as soon as I know…


Meh, I went ahead and ordered a physical copy cause I want to somehow get it signed. Look forward to reading it.


I will be happy to sign copies of my book for any strats members. I am currently working with my marketing people on doing book signing but they are talking about doing them locally till the release date (which they are unsure of still).

I am also working on ordering a shipment of books to come to me and I think what I will do is announce when I have them here. We can then work on who and where I need to get them too…


Love the cover! Looks amazing :smiley:


I went a head and got my copy. We will have to figure out how to get it signed. Maybe you can do a book signing tour in Kentucky and I’ll get it signed in person.


hmmm… well lets see… I have request to hit Florida and several places in Texas. I do not mind adding Kentucky to the request list, since I have family asking me to come to Boston. Can not promise anything till I get word from my publisher as to where they want me to go yet.


A signing in Minnesota isn’t too much to ask :wink:


Awesome, this is a pretty huge step. Congrats! Me and @Laoria will have to try to pick up a copy! :smile:

Here’s to many sales, and many fans! :beers:


Traveling around the country and signing books, to be honest, is exactly what I want to be doing. So, no, asking is not a problem however, the problem is my lack of financial abilities to get there. I have a rather large list of places I want to take my book to and sign. Especially places where I am requested due to the support you all are giving me. Unfortunately, reality has kicked in, and that is harsh in the fact that I am still an “Unknown” Author that has to provide funds for traveling myself. Plus, I would also need a number of books to take with me and that limits the mode of travel also (airliners have weight restrictions). Along with the books having to be paid for by me (at a discounted rate but still a cost). Not to mention that I am still required to meet with the marketing department regularly and they are currently only seeing the work and not my vision of success.

Now after saying all this I would like to thank everyone for the awesome support. If I change from “Unknown” to popular author the publishing company will also change from “what do you want to pay us for” to “how can we get you there”. I hope this occurs quickly but I am not sure when that would be.

Again, thank you all for the support and I will see what happens for book signings as soon as I can.


I was kidding, I’m the only Strats member from Minnesota so I don’t expect you to come here just for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m hoping to use the book in my book report :slight_smile:


So the link I have on here has something droul pointed out… There is a digital download available for e-readers. Which ones I am unaware of but it is there for anyone that wants to know…


You should totally make me a character in your next book. Since you obviously cant use Biff Tannen, Dave Angell will do :wink:


your name has been added to my list and thank you for allowing my use of it. I will be using Biff instead of Dave though either would have worked. I am not sure where I will be putting your name yet but I have you added to the characters list and will post an excerpt on the forums once I have you in.


I just figured you wouldn’t want to use Biff Tannen because he is already a well known character and you wouldn’t want to be accused of being unoriginal :wink:


We will just drop the Tannen off and hope no one notices. Of course I could always refer to him as BT once he enters but let me get things up and running for him first.


You could use Jack Angell

That’s my sons name and it already sounds like a characters name. That’s why I named him that :wink:

It’s pronounced Angel by the way. People get confused by the extra L