My Dragon Age: Inquisition First Impressions [Multiplayer PC]

I was pre-loaded and ready to go as soon as the game became available and I chose to dive straight into Multiplayer.

I went with Keeper for the most part (Keeper is a mage/support class) I got a good deal of XP for doing supportive action, when I used barrier and kept my party from taking damage, I got XP for that.

I was initially a bit worried with being limited to 4 abilities in Multiplayer mode, those worries were put to rest last night when I began playing at level 1 with only 2 available abilities and still found the combat engaging and at times, quite challenging. By limiting your available abilities it makes your choices that much more important when building your character, as well as making teamwork a necessity for completing the goals.


Having the 3 different classes present is important for obtaining loot, but not necessary for completing the objective.
Each class has a different type of obstacle they can overcome to allow the party access to loot rooms.

  • Warriors - Break down weakened walls
  • Rogues - Pick locked doors
  • Mages - Dispel magical barriers


It is also important, and I would even say necessary to have the 3 roles covered.

  • Tank - Build “Guard” to soak up damage and keep the attention of enemies.

  • Support - Cast “Barrier” on allies to mitigate damage, as well as providing other bonuses or debuffs.

  • Damage - . . . you get the picture.

While you don’t necessarily HAVE to have a tank, I would say it’s absolutely essential to have 1 or more Support, especially if you don’t have a tank. The combat is basically a battle of attrition, there are no healing spells, the only source of healing during battle are Health Potions (which are limited and cost gold). So Barrier and Guard are very important for limiting the amount of damage you take.

I really loved the Multiplayer experience in this game. I’m looking forward to unlocking some of the other classes and giving them a try.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that I had to choose an existing character model, I was hoping I could customize my Multiplayer characters appearance, but that is just a minor complaint. You’re still able to build the characters abilities to your likings, and that’s what is important.

Let me know what you guys thought about it, and I welcome any tips and tricks.


Good overview on the classes and roles. How easy is it to respec and change your spells? Can you do this on the fly depending on your party? Also, how many “instances” (if you want to call them that) are there? I understand that each time you do a map there are random objectives to keep it different.

I believe so, but that was something that I didn’t really look into, I will confirm later.

I believe there are 4 different “Settings” I call them settings because the layout of the instance is random, as well as the type of enemies you will be facing, and the objectives you must complete, it’s all randomized but you can choose the setting. Settings are things like, “Elven Ruins” or “Chantry” and once you select this the layout can change I believe, or you can choose a random setting and then everything about the instance is completely random.

Great, it all sounds pretty customizable. Think there is room to expand like through dlc maps?

@Nubhugs You can’t respec your choices for each character’s build as of right now, but you can change the spells you have chosen. You have to decide before engaging in a run who each party member takes into battle. The preferable way would be to have one of each class type (Warrior, Mage, and Rogue) to balance out the party, and one additional member.

As for instances, I think BioWare said there are three different settings, and each setting has 10 different zone types, 5 of which will be chosen at random for your encounter. There are three enemy groups: Demons (fire/spirit elemental weakness), the Venatori (humans with physical damage), and the Red Templars (spoiler-ish enemy type). One of these groups is chosen at random to populate your whole encounter.

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Correct, the only way to “respec” is to reach max level (20) and then reset the character to level 1 and go again. Doing this will grant a stat point to all of your multiplayer characters.

On the topic of character customization: You do have limited customization in that you can craft multiple sets of armor for each class. I know this will alter the color of your character’s armor (so you can appear different than the other Keeper in your party), but I’m not sure if there are other armor types. I didn’t fully understand that from watching the stream yesterday.

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yeah that is nice, but I would have preferred creating a single Character and being able to choose it’s class before matches, but the way it is set up is not so bad.

Great rundown guys. I’m at work right now, but my copy is on the UPS truck and should be delivered in ~30 minutes or so. Beyond that, still gotta work, and see the gf a bit tonight before hockey

Edit: Just arrived, yay!

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At some point in the near future I am going to put an unhealthy number of hours into this game, so keep that info coming!

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I played a bit of the multiplayer this afternoon as well. It seems quite repetitive at the moment, and playing with people who do not use voice chat is quite a drag… It will be much better with some friends helping you out, as most of it is quite rote until you get to the last zone. I was able to hang with some higher level people for an encounter or two, and was able to level a character pretty quickly. I think I will be switching over to GTA for the evening, hopefully back again later.

I’m playing both on PS4 however…

I’ll probably be trying a multiplayer match at some point tonight; had a mad baby for most of the day so I’ve only been able to get about 15 minutes into single player.

Can’t even decide what race/class I want to try first on SP.

I kind of want to start a thread showing off people’s SP characters (or anyone else can start it up). My main is a male Qunari mage. -My friend said he looks like Tom Selleck… I’ll have to put up a picture.

That’s a great idea. Make it so, I’ll put up mine once I play the game in a few days

a few days?? well then i’ll have to start it as soon as i take a good screencap…

I can only play so many games :grimacing: !

me to! PreshusKitty is my psn handle, feel free to friend me

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