My dual mic setup

My goal was to get PS4 party chat on my stream and talk to my stream/recording at the same time. To do this, you have to send party chat through the HDMI. Problem is you need a mic to communicate with the party. I have a nice Samson C01U for my desk mic to voiceover my videos but I needed a small USB mic to plug into the PS4.

Here’s what I got:

This little guy has an adhesive on one side which allowed me to put it right on my desk mic. Now where it goes, my voice goes, and when I direct my voice to the mic it’s all in one package.


thats pretty awesome …the old 2 birds with 1 stone trick! :smile:

Very nice. We need some videos to commentary.

My want to hear that baby mic in action is high, can you get on PSN this evening at some point for a bit?

I got my " @Vocino " mic today. Looking forward to testing it out tonight.


My @Vocino mic showed up DOA; the USB plug is bent o.O

Yay for waiting longer to get everything setup -_-