My experience so far after coming back to ESO

Hello Strategists!
So, I’ve only been playing again for a couple days, and I haven’t gotten a chance to try out any endgame content. But I thought I would write out what is new and what has changed that has affected me so far as a lowbie just to make it easier to read through than our other thread which is full of back and forth.


One of the first things I noticed was that the chat was no longer blocked out by 5 million lines of the same exact thing in 8 different colors.

I also haven’t run into packs of bots running around farming resource nodes in the starter zones, or stood around the boss spawn point in delves like I used to see all the time.


Since I’ve been back, I haven’t experience a single bug. I haven’t had a quest I couldn’t complete, or a quest mob that didn’t spawn, and never had to relog to get a quest to complete. THIS IS AWESOME!


Combat seems to be more responsive than it was shortly after launch. I haven’t run into the situation where I’m hitting a button and the ability isn’t popping right away (Keep in mind, I’ve only been back for 2 days).


I always liked the idea of being able look into every container and see what was inside, at the launch of this game however, I was quite disappointed. You could loot every container you came across and get nothing but cooking ingredients, and as I didn’t plan on cooking, exploring the contents of all those containers was fruitless.
This time around I decided to level my provisioning skill and lo and behold, I started finding gear in the barrels and crates! Some of them actually useful armor and weapons (greens only so far)
This is an improvement I really like.


Now, I haven’t experienced this myself, but I’ve seen many people around town with more colorful gear, and gear that matches, and many different colors. I call that an improvement from the previous choices of brown or grey.


I haven’t delved to deeply into it, but when you go into the guild halls (Mages, and Fighters) there is a new NPC who will “Certify” you in a specific craft. As I understand it, when you are certified you can then receive quests to craft certain items. (you guys will have to correct me if I’m wrong about that.)


I think this is my favorite improvement so far. The amount of campaigns has been reduced, along with most of the time frames (90 days was too freakin long!) But my favorite part about this is the introduction of a 5 day long Campaign for NON VETERANS ONLY!
Now I can hop into Cyrodiil without fear of some V12 or V14 sneezing to close to me and crushing me to oblivion.

Please keep in mind there may be many more changes or new features that I haven’t covered, but these are the ones that I have experience in my 2 days back in Tamriel.

There is also a really big update coming in January that will introduce several new features including the Justice System, and Champion System, among other things.
More info on the impending update can be found here


I miss this game. This makes me seriously consider coming back.


Right now I’m happy with it, but as for the long haul, only time will tell. I plan to stick with it at least until the new content drops in January and see how things go.


Also, improved combat animations should be coming with the next update. It has been mentioned that the 2-handed weapons will feel “heavier” along with adding some flair to attacks.

Related to this, Provisioning is getting some changes next update. There will be no more faction-specific recipes, and I believe the number of recipes is being streamlined. Also, I think barrels and containers will now be WYSIWYG - see a barrel of apples, loot apples.

Correct, you become certified in all six profs. It’s a simple quest to teach gathering and basic crafting. Once you complete each cert you can start collecting crafting quests from the job board to help advance your skill.

You can do all certs if you want but are not obligated.


This is good stuff, thanks for the correction/additions.

Great write up @Wayward. You are pulling me in. I never got to experience ESO but every topic is very interesting and makes me really want to try it…

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I enjoyed the game from the beginning but it had some definite flaws. Some of the have been fixed and some of them are scheduled to be fixed in the near future.

If you’re looking for another game to play and are willing to take a slight risk, I would suggest it.

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Oh snap son!

I’m too lazy to write my own lengthy post so I keep cramming my thoughts in others’ threads.

The appealing things to me are that you’re mostly free to level at your own pace. The game really encourages solo play due to the phasing during parts of quests. Most of the group play is in PvP, and you are auto-leveled up for that so you can join at level 10 as soon as it unlocks.

Dungeons are relatively short (similar to The Secret World if you’re familiar) where there’s few packs of trash MOBs between bosses. But those packs may be 6-8 in number, so it’s really up to the tank to control the Big Guy while everyone else drops the Small Fries quickly. I like that style of gameplay.

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I Agree about dungeons, I really like the dungeon in this game. Unique and challenging, but still fun.

I’m reading all this good stuff and eyeing my credit card. @Wayward are you sure you did not take a job with Zinimax? @teh_ninjaneer are you on the payroll too? Very compelling posts.


do you think I could get them to pay me a commission?

Yeah Tommy I’m with you there, the emperor might have to make a surprise appearance soon.


Aren’t you knee deep in Warframe?

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If they wouldn’t pay you I’m not sure who they would pay. :smile:

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I am in very deep with Warframe and I still love the game to death but the guys I’m playing with are creating a whole lot of inner clan drama so I’m ready to take a little break.


I never left, having been in since Beta. I personally really like the game, and the recent changes. I look forward to the Champion System too. I put up with the bots and bugs, knowing they would either be fixed or the game would die. The game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (just check out the rants in the forum and their Facebook page) but I like how many aspects there are to the game. Group dungeons, solo exploration, crafting, leveling skills, etc. I’ve maxed out my main character and am working on alt characters now. My wife, on the other hand, hates the developers of this game, as it has turned her into an ESO Widow…


Where did spark of interest for ESO come from? Was that @teh_ninjaneer? Is this his doing?


I think it was my “Kick in the Face” post.

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Damn you @Wheatums… Also, I’m impressed you basically raised it from the grave (In terms of discussions here). Maybe you should get a bonus