My Experience with Amazon Video Game Trade-In


This is my review of the Amazon Video Game Trade-In system. I had used it once many many moons ago to trade in an old PS3 game. While the experience was pretty good, it wasn’t nearly what it is today. I’ve read a lot of info about it so I gave it another shot.

So obviously, step one is to head over to the Trade In hub.

Trade-In Categories

The first thing I noticed was they’ve added a ton of new categories. It looks like you can essentially trade in anything. In fact, I’m going to do my Xbox 360 next.

After selecting Video Games from the list, you search for what you’re looking for like you’d search for any other item on Amazon.

Sell Us Your Item

I’m selling Dying Light for PS4. When you arrive at the product page after searching, in the right-hand sidebar you will see the Sell Us Your Item card—in fact, this shows up for any eligible item.

Trade In List & Comparison to GameStop

You add trade ins to a cart-like list just as if you were buying. You can add up the trade ins and the price will change based on Condition. For games you generally want to select Good. For electronics there are more options, like if you have all the cables and whatnot.

So here’s the kicker, for the same game in the same condition GameStop was willing to give me $29.70. This is the absolute maximum and assumes I am a GameStop PRO subscriber and I am willing to accept GameStop credit.

Here’s GameStop’s offer:

Amazon’s trade in system works in a similar way in that you get Amazon credit. However, because Amazon sells literally everything humanly possible, that is not really a limiting factor as far as I’m concerned.

To Return or Not Return?

Your next option is to decide what to do if you assessed the quality of the item incorrectly. I chose Do not return because I don’t really want Dying Light and I’ll take what they’re willing to give me for it since I know GameStop will only be worse.

Ship From

Amazon will provide you with a couple options to get your game to them. Since I have a UPS Drop Off at my office, I chose that. You can also chose to have it picked up, ship it yourself, etc. If you have a UPS Drop Off close by, I recommend that for easy stress-free shipping.

Instant Payment

Possibly the best part about this process is that you get paid immediately. That’s right, you don’t have to wait for your package to get there. So I submitted the form and instantly received a $32.76 credit to my Amazon account with which I can immediately use to buy a new game.

Pretty hip.


It’s no surprise to most people here that I don’t enjoy the GameStop. I actually prefer digital downloads. However, now with how easy it was to use Amazon’s system, I might actually start buying discs again and trading them in. When you consider the high percentage of the game you’re going to get back, it starts to really make sense.

Good luck and happy trading!


Now if they would only take my ArcheAge founders pack…

Great write up. I use Amazon a lot. I will have to check this out. The instant availability of the funds cinches the deal for me.


There is no trade backs for your dignity, don’t worry…I’m in the same boat, I have Wildstar.


You obviously didn’t buy the denial DLC; you’d feel a lot better if you had :wink:


Now I just gotta wait until they start letting me trade in Digital downloads :smiley:


A fantastic write up. I may have to try this out, as I’m only into buying digital since I either don’t trade my games in, or it’s not worth trading to gamestop.


I should really give this a shot for trading in my games I don’t want. Most of the time I just give them away on my stream, but maybe I’ll give this a go as I look to trim down my backlog full of games I still haven’t touched.


You give away used games? I didn’t know that was socially acceptable. I wonder how many of these streamers that say they’re giving away a game are just giving away their copy.


Brilliant idea! I’ll tuck that away for later. It will be great to get a little money back from Amazon, but I’m sure there will be times that a give away will reap a fair ROI from the stream.


Yes, sir. I’ll usually advertise games that I’m getting rid of, but give my community the chance to have them first if they want them. I’ll pay for shipping and the like, and just send it off.

I bought the collectors edition of The Witch and the Hundred Knight once, and did a playthrough on my stream. I absolutely hated it and knew I never wanted to play it again, so I told those who watched me through to the end that they were entered into a random drawing (or maybe I just picked someone random, I don’t remember) and shipped them everything that it came with. Goodness, that game was so painful. I may be the only one on YouTube with a full playthrough of it.

I know it’s probably not conventional, but they never seem to complain, and I’d rather give my games to someone who will play it and enjoy it (or keep it in their collection) rather than selling it to someone who will sell it again at a very high premium.


While I haven’t traded books, I can vouch for Amazon’s excellent return programs. I’ve rented quite a few textbooks from them. It’s as easy and printing off the slip, slapping it on the box and dropping the box off with no hassle. They are really good at keeping you in the loop with tracking too.

It’s like that for returns too. When I ordered the new season of Archer they sent me Downton Abbey. Next day I had a UPS guy at my door with a sticker to send it off.

That’s a great idea @PeterThomas6 ! This could actually help someone who isn’t as fortunate get to experience a game they might not have the means to get!


Let us know how the trade in goes with your 360, I’m interested in how well their idea of the condition of an item matches up with what it actually is. It sounds like a much better system than what gamestop offers, although they will take broken controllers without checking them first. Easy $30 on something worth about $5.