My experience with this game, and why you should try it again

I’ve been into TESO since the beginning. Pre-ordered the imperial edition, and in the first month, I really regretted it. At the end of that first month things were looking very grim for the future of the game, what with all the spam, bots, ridiculous exploits, and overall extreme negativity towards the game from everyone. But at the end of that first month, I still had hope for it, so I bought a 6 month membership, and said if i didn’t like it at the end of that, i’d give up on it.

A few months pass and they slowly repaired nearly everything that people had gripes about. All the chat spam, gone. All the bots, gone. The absurd exploits, gone. The broken quests, gone. The only thing that remains is the bias people have towards the game after that terrible launch.

TESO at this point is easily one of my favorite games, I renewed my 6 month membership just a bit ago for another 6 months and have no regrets in doing so. All the new content they’ve added (the Dragonstar Arena being my favorite) has added so much more to this game. With Update 6 coming, bringing things like the Provisioning Revamp and the much hyped Champion AND Justice Systems, and considering things they plan to add past that (the Spellcrafting System being what I look forward to the most), I have no doubts that this game has the potential to become one of the best.

I know TESO has been dead to Strats for a long time now, but to anybody who is thinking about this game again, I highly recommend giving it another shot.


Great points. I’m honestly tempted to come back in and give it a shot. As I said in the other thread, it’s a good game at the core.


I’ve been giving it a second look. I really enjoyed pvp, but the caltrops bug broke the game. I also saw there was a discount on sub fees. Still haven’t made up my mind.

Did they ever fix caltrops in pvp or do they still prevent aoe damage?

I haven’t heard anything about caltrops in a long time so i assume it is fixed.

I think I left during the height of the caltrops issue.

Most people from Strats were gone by the time Wildstar came out.

I could never get into Wildstar. It was ESO to blame for me leaving ESO.

I agree with all the points in the OP. Zenimax has worked hard to improve the game. There seems to be some unexplainable lag in Cyrodiil right now but other than that the game looks much better. I resubbed last night and hope to get some time in.

My highest level is only 25 so I’m considering a reroll to get back in the groove. Unsure if I will stick with Daggerfall.

Strats has been a mostly Aldmeri Dominion guild, so I recommend you reroll to that to play with me and potentially anyone who resubs.

Cannibalistic elves really aren’t my style, though… I guess I can play a cat-dude who thinks he’s The Rock.


You beat me to sharing it.

I’m not a huge gamer, so I don’t know how common this is, but I just discovered 14 hours of interviews with top guild leaders from October where zenimax is trying to fix / improve the game. Is that par for the course in the industry or is that something novel?

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Everquest used to do things like this when the genre was young. But that was 12-15 years ago.

I think Wildstar had something like this recently but I’m not sure if it was hosted by Carbine or the players. I recall there was a meeting by some US guild leaders and then some EU leaders but I think the Carbine employees showed up on their own time.

Just finished watching the ESO Live stream. Next month they plan to implement the first stage of the “Justice System”, which will be the bad-guy part of the system.

Basically you will be able to perform various unkind acts against NPCs, such as pickpocketing, stealing (both from outdoor vendors and breaking into houses), and killing livestock as well as murder.

If you’re caught doing these things then you will gain a bad rep and a bounty placed on your head. Vendors will refuse to deal with you, while guards will approach you and demand you pay a bounty. If you refuse you can attempt to run away before they run you through.

In addition, any stolen items will be marked and unable to be traded or sold to normal vendors; they have to be “fenced” at certain locations. Here you can also have your bounty wiped for a fee.

In a later update they will add “enforcers” where players can hunt down these criminals.

It sounds rather interesting and the clips they showed during the stream looked like they’ve put some good work into this. I’d like to see how this turns out.


dammit @teh_ninjaneer, I was just about over ESO. I stopped wearing its old sweater around just the other day…you know, the one that is so comfortable and has just the faintest lingering scent. I can’t go back, I was just hurt so bad. I need chocolate.


I think with all the good word people have given this when it releases for PS4 I’m going to give it a solid try. What’s one month going to hurt

I’ve actually been considering trying it out again. What side are you on? Dominion?


Well, I re-subbed for a month to test out the waters.

cool! My internets been bad for like a month and it’s hard to play eso sometimes, so i can’t be on much though :confused: