My February Loot Crate Unboxing Video!


Hi, everyone. :slight_smile: I just wanted to share my YouTube link! This is me unboxing ‘Play:’

I also did a breakdown of each item here in a blog post on my website.

(The ‘Ready Player One’ book that was included in February’s haul? Awesome. I can’t put it down.)


I enjoyed some of the crates I got. I really like when they give shirts but I can’t really afford the crates now. :frowning:


nice. that mini doll thing looked really fun. well done


@Laughter: Shirts, too? I can’t wait. This is my first experience with Loot Crate and I’m loving it so far. (As if ya’ll couldn’t tell from my very obvious enthusiasm in the video. Haha!)

@xALRock: Thanks! The Munny is so cute. I know my niece + nephew are going to have a ball playing with it when they come over.


Great video Undrea! Wish we could play the card game!

I can’t wait to see what creative things you draw on the Munny. I was considering doing a Strats-related one but I have no eye for drawing. I’d do the Strats logo more of a dishonor than a service with my bad drawing skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Look how happy you are, literally a kid in a candy store.


@Nubhugs: I know, right?! That would be awesome if we could all play together.

Ooooh, that’s a really good idea! I might attempt to make a Strats one. That would be fun.

I was trying to be super cereal making this + I just couldn’t help myself! Ha.


When you get a box of mystery stuff… all cereal goes out the window. :smiley: Showing you had fun makes the video that much better. I’ll definitely be checking out your lootcrate videos every month, can’t wait to see what you get next!


We’ve been playing a lot of superfight. The boys like it. The best combo so far has been Ash who can regrow limbs at will and can only be killed with a stake to the heart fighting on a dessert island against keanau reeves in bubble wrap who was really emotional.

Well that and Hydra.

Hail Hydra


I … um… er… what? :sadgumball: Now I really wish we could play this game.


That was awesome @simplyundrea!!! I can’t wait til later this month when I get my first one…I’m so excited. :blush:


I wonder if they would sue the snot of someone making a Google hangouts version like CAH has.


Thank you! I can’t wait for March’s ‘Covert’ Box.

Wait. Hydra?!

Thank you for watching, @Droul. :smile: + I’m excited for you!


It’s left open to interpretation and so I was facing France with some upgrades at the time on Mars. It was a logical conclusion.


Oh come on! Your doing this on purpose! Just twist the knife more :sadgumball: I actually looked up superfight. There are quite a few expansions to it… now I can see where all your crazy talk it coming from.

@simplyundrea Covert sounds like it could be really cool. I love spy stuff. Even though I won’t get anymore I’ll stay subscribed to the e-mails to see what fun themes they put out. Getting all Agent’s of shieldy and stuff. I’ll die if there are Bond related items in it though.



I guess I should start praying it doesn’t suck now, because if someone ruins Firefly . . . blood will be shed.


Is there such a thing as a serious @simplyundrea? I saw no effort towards that lol, but that’s what makes you awesome!! Loved it and now I’m contemplating getting my own.