My First Big Minecraft Build



With everyone posting their images and telling their stories about their awesome builds in the Strats Minecraft Server, I decided to give my hand at making my own bigger, more aesthetically pleasing build.I present to you the Sky Gardens.

I’m really happy with the resulting build and I’m inspired to expand to build a city in the sky and this is the first step. If you want to check it out my house is in the Care Region just look for the big floating object, make sure to take the waterfall entrance just because its cool. Also any tips or ideas would be great.
Also be careful hordes of mobs gathering to gaze at the garden greatness might attack you.


looks very nice!


It’s like a built-in XP farm; nice touch :wink:


Awesome man!


Looking good man. Can’t wait to see it get higher!


Great job, Fresh (@Freshie44)! :open_mouth:

I don’t play Minecraft but I really admire everyone who uses it to build awesome stuff.


Looks really cool man.


I would love to do something like this. However I pretty much burned myself out on minecraft back in the beta days when I got it for 10 bucks lol

Looks awesome though! You should do a video tour