My first morning deploying into Planetside2 PC again




Totally can relate to this. Clicking “instant action” without remembering how the game works was a terrible idea last week. I was dropped in a losing fight where the Vanu had about 10 tanks shelling the shit out of our spawn room. With no idea what to do I just sat in the corner healing, scared and alone as the screen shook violently.

To extinguish the Vanu fires of certain Pro-Vanu Strats members, after I arrived we got back up and crushed their purple asses. :wink:

not really. The NC came up from behind and split the attention of everyone. We ended up getting beaten down as the Vanu overwhelmed us with purple magic weapons and tight fitting outfits


yea bummer when that happens haha


Lol, I’ll help you next time you get on.