My inactivity

Anyone who has picked up or has been playing TESO recently might have noticed i’m hardly ever on. For a long time now i’ve had an issue where i can hardly play for sustained periods. I will get disconnected after maybe 5-10 minutes of playing, yes it’s that bad. I’ve been going back and forth with customer support for a month, tried at least 15 possible solutions, but have come to no avail. Repairing the game, not even a full reinstall has helped. Customer support has been great in responding to me and i have no gripes about it, even though i still can’t play.

Anyway, unrelated to that, my computer has gotten a bit old and I decided to build another. The parts are supposed to all arrive in the next few days. If a new computer doesn’t solve my problem I honestly have no idea what to say, but i’m fairly certain i’ll be able to play with you guys once more within the next week.


I would imagine it is computer related, as my older laptop has issues, but my newer desktop disconnects maybe once a month. Hopefully the new parts will fix the problem.

Update : So it’s an internet problem. Working on it.