My internet is fixed!


I’m so happy :smiley:


Me too!


I mean, I was down below 2Mbps for a couple days; it was miserable. I am jelly of Facebook’s speeds; my kingdom for my own, personal T-line (or just Google Fiber, I’m not that picky ;))


Leaping lizards!


Analog… Go fiber for sure.


we are paying for 100/10 and this is what i am getting right now…sometimes comcast can suck major ass.


I would be complaining every single day.


They’ve already said Houston isn’t a good pick for them because of there’s already a business-geared fiber provider and the infrastructure isn’t that accommodating :cry:


So comcast has gotten better overnight.


Maybe Secaucus, NJ was the problem… second speed test was connected to a server in Hartford, CT.


My home internet isn’t nearly as good as work but it’s not terrible.


back to its damn tricks

EDIT called Comcast and they said the signal running to our house is very weak so they are sending out a tech on Monday to fix it.


Don’t stop calling until you get what you pay for.


Man, I should stream from school…


London office (on wifi even):

that upload though…


I’m honestly surprised. I thought it would be faster.

Side note: It would normally be 3:00 AM for you right now, didn’t expect you to be posting.


I said that was wifi! Fine, here is the wired just for you:


Now we’re talking.