My introduction


Hey my name is Mike I am 17 years old I like to play video games I play League of Legends, Minecraft and more recently CS:GO. I am an all around Gamer enjoy the community games and competetive games aswell. I want to join strats to play with new people and maybe find some good friends. I go by the name Slick in most games.


Hi Mike welcome to Strats!


Hey Colton welcome to strats

ps his name is Colton just call him Slick haha


welcome to the group!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Welcome aboard; let us know if you have any questions :wink:


Welcome Mike to the best little corner on the Internet!


Welcome to Strats! I hope you enjoy your time here, @SlickHF. :blush:


Welcome aboard! Nice that we’re getting quite a few MC and LoL players.


I use to play League of Legends daily a year or so ago. Welcome to Strats!


Greetings and welcome aboard! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard the ship without any holes.


Welcome. When you play minecraft remember Flamin Nom, every nom.


Welcome aboard!


If you still are interested in playing the game you can add me on it @ mlaw


Hello Mike, welcome!


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