My Maya Build (Support)



Res-onate Maya

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Let Break it down

Sweet Release

When Phaslocked enemies are killed it generates health orbs for you and your friends. Who wouldn’t want that.


This skills make shooting your friends productive! It makes your friendly fire heal your team mates. This is very helpful in boss battles, where your friends might get targeted.


This skills allows you and your friends (assuming you have some) to regenerate health whenever you use Phaselock. In later levels it will heal for up to 5000 health.


This is your bread and butter. USE IT. Simply point at a team mate who is down and use Phaselock. BOOM! They are up. This will get you out of many many many many many jams. I’m telling you it’s the best skill in the game.


This skill makes you regen health constantly. The lower your health the most you regen.


The rest are sweet skills to make you do some damage and help you get back Phaselock quickly.

Sweet Outro


I like having support characters. Can you heal other people’s pets/turrets?


Yep. Just by shooting them.


Bullet healing is so much fun; I’m really glad they kept this playstyle option from the original Borderlands