My move (back) to Twitch ++ I'm back


So recently I’ve been pretty busy with life… Had a few family deaths (2 in the past week) and some other personal stuff but been thinking pretty hard about what I stream and the platform (Mixer) I stream to and the platform I use to stream to (Twitch). As much as I love Mixer and want to continue streaming to Mixer I’ve decided to start making a slow transition back to Twitch. My choice to do so mostly lays on the fact I’ve made more friends on Twitch and I miss my friends over there. Another reason I’ve decided to do so is because my numbers over there have just been dropping off (and I have a pretty small following as is).

With that being said I’ve also been changing up what I stream too which is the reason I’m posting this here because I know theres not too many people here that played or watched Minecraft (even though alot of you enjoyed watching my streams for some reason lol)

TL;DR I’m back on Twitch streaming Call of Duty WW2 (Zombies, Online Multiplayer, and maybe Campaign soon too?) You can find my streams here: and I normally stream around midnight CST but I don’t have a set schedule right now so when I am streaming it’ll be somewhere between midnight - 10 AM CST

EDIT: Oh and also I’m no longer a PG streamer. (I hardly curse on stream at all but this change was to make it so I could stream with others without us not having to be careful on what we say)


Very sorry to hear about your losses, but glad to have you back!

Have you considered something like It will let you stream to both (or more) platforms at the same time.


Sorry to hear about your losses, but welcome back to Strats.


Sorry to hear about your losses & what amounts to a rough week!


I’ve heard about restream but when I use it my viewers always complain about a poor viewing experience. Like a stream went down or bad quality etc etc

Plus with my recent changes in games I’m having to use the built in streaming apps on the Xbox one in order to stream since I don’t have the money for a capture card.


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