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So I know of a handful of people here follow me on Twitch and pop in from time to time so I thought it would be appropriate to let everyone know that I’m in the process of moving full time from Twitch over to Mixer (formerly known as although I may still stream from Twitch from time to time but Mixer will be my new preferred streaming platform.

So some of yall maybe wondering why I’m making a switch from Twitch to Mixer when I already have a community built on Twitch (for the most part at least I have 730+ followers) and the reasons are Mixer has what they call FTL (faster than light) Streaming Protocol which lets you stream with nearly no delay which is something I latched on and liked the idea immediately… but that alone isn’t what made me switch I have always streamed to beam/mixer every great once in a while and the last stream I did before making the move I realized just how great the platform is… When streaming to Twitch I max out my computers CPU (I have a potato computer) but when streaming to Mixer I use half of my CPU which means I can stream and play so much more than just Minecraft and it makes a overall more enjoyable experience for me that I’m not having to play a choppy Minecraft that’s getting like 5 FPS… in return over on Mixer I have noticed my streams look higher in quality which is more enjoyable for those stopping by to watch and in return has pushed me away from Twitch.

With that being said I just hit 100 followers over on Mixer and I am in the process of scheduling a 12 hour+ stream for hitting 100 followers so that’ll be coming soon.

My Mixer page:

My “normal” stream schedule is usually everyday starting somewhere between Midnight and 2 AM CST but I do a lot of random streams throughout the day.


How you found the communities to be similar? If not, how are they different? Were you able to bring your core followers over?

So for the most part recently my core followers have been those on my Minecraft server and obviously they followed me over but for the others I’ve had a handful follow me over but not everyone.

For the most part I’ve found the communities to be pretty close while streaming I get a lot more people coming by on Mixer than I do Twitch (but I’ve always picked a hard category to stream to on Twitch) I get a lot more of those stop by for a few seconds follow and leave and never come back type of people… I haven’t been able to find too many streamers I like over on Mixer just because I’m picky and I’ve always been like that when it comes to people I like watching but for the most part everyone that I’ve followed and watched is pretty nice although there is a few of those that like to have the welcome bots that turns away most people (including myself) but for the most part I think the communities are pretty close from what I’ve come to notice.

A while back when Mixer was still Beam (I don’t remember if this was right before or after Microsoft bought them) I sent them a email asking if it was okay if I streamed Darts on the platform (because Twitch was against this at the time) and they were really open about it and told me where to stream and after announcing everything on Twitter Beam liked the Tweet and if I remember correctly replied and they just seemed more kind about this sort of stuff where as Twitch was like “nope it’s not allowed” but you could sit infront of your camera and eat while people watched.

But those are my experiences and depending what and who you watch or what you stream and the type of person you are the communities could be very different.

Have they made it more stable? Used to watch a streamer on there and after a few minutes the stream would start to lag like crazy.

I have yet to encounter this issue.

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