My name is JR Warlord


Hello, my name is JR. That is J.R. not junior (please).

I was invited to join this community by a streamer named drole01 and I thought it would be a good idea. My interest is in becoming a regular and to be helpful with the knowledge I have in certain games, and to receive help in those I am less aware of.

Here is a short list of the games I have recently beaten or have a working knowledge of:
Mass Effect 1 2 and 3
Farming Simulator 2015
Tropico 4 and 5
SimCity (2015) though I have played and own every version
The Sims 1 2 and 3 (I do not play 4)
Railroad Tycoon 3
Civilization 1 through 5
Rocksmith (the first one)

The list could go on for a lot longer so if you do not see a game listed it is because I am trying not to brag or look like games are all I do.

Now a bit about me. I am an author and I have been working with computers in some fashion for 36 years. I built my first computer, a model 4 with 2k of ram, when I was 15. I write Sci-Fy and currently have my first book being edited by my publisher. I hope to get it from them soon and then work on finishing book 2 of the trilogy. They may also require me to do some public appearances or other promotions that could limit my access, but I am hopeful that it would be minimal.

So there you go, a bit about me, some about the games I like. Now I guess it is your turn, ask what you like and I will try to respectfully reply.

JR Warlord


Welcome to Strats, Jay-Arr :sunglasses:

There’s a recent topic in the Simulation forum regarding Farm Simulator. I’ve never given it a thought but so many people love it… just might be worth a shot!

Let us know when you’re published and making appearances, I’d be happy to support if you’re in the NYC area.
What can you tell me about your favorite character that you’ve created?


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard!


Hi JR Welcome to Strats! Sci-Fy is my favorite genre! Please let us know when your book is available I 'd love to read it :smiley:


In my writing or gaming?

I created a halfelf for advanced D&D that I played forever in those days (back when I was in the air force). He reached 189 level back in the day. I have several Sims I play and one named after myself in each of the versions of the game. Then I have my main character of my book: Escape

Victor Stone, looking for a change after his recent divorce, thought his adventures would be limited to talking with people checking into the motel he had inherited. He never imagined waking up onboard the alien space craft he now found himself telepathically linked. Because of that link, the fact that the ship was intelligent was not an issue for Victor, and the crew of aliens that were so different to him did not seem to affect him.
Join him as he begins his adventure to rescue the ship and crew from the Krillian Empire before it becomes aware of Earth and moves to strip all of its available resources.

I know it is a obvious plug for the book but you asked… sorry

I hope that was helpful…

JR Warlord


Oh, I do not think that will be a problem what so ever… I am kind of excited to be published so I kind of ramble on and on about it. If given the opportunity to anyway…


Hey there a autor?
That is excellent.
Welcome to the team and I hope you send a link where to purchase you book.


Howdy and I will… when the editor finish with it… waiting is such a pain.


welcome to Strats JR!


Welcome JR. Glad to have you. The Mass Effect series is amazing (even though I still haven’t finished them!). Glad to see another fan of the series.


Welcome aboard JR! Your book sounds interesting from the character description, looking forward to it.


You just described what I felt like in 2004. :smiley: j/k Welcome to Strats! @Droul is a great person and a valued member here. I’m glad his new found passion for streaming is bearing fruit. If you need anything let me know. Welcome again.


Hey JR, we have similar taste in games. Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard JR!


Yes! Another farmer


Hey JR!! I’m glad to see you made it to our little corner of happiness! It was a blast learning from you last night and look forward to gaming with you. If you need anything at all please feel free to ask. Welcome to Strats!!


Such a great topic was being started that I moved 4 posts to start a new topic: Tips and Tricks in Farm Sim 15

Tips and Tricks in Farm Sim 15

Welcome aboard, mate; I see you’re already making friends with the Farm Simulator group. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


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