My name is TheGoldFishy but you can call me Fishy


My name is TheGoldFishy but you can call me Fishy.

I play lots of games, GTA V, Watch Dogs, Loadout. etc
I look forward to playing with some of you. And to have fun.


Welcome to our community!


Welcome to the Dark side brother (or sister).


Hi @TheGoldFishy welcome to Strats! How do you feel about Loadout? I’ve put a few hours into it so far and found it to be pretty solid.


Welcome to Strats Fishy. I sent you a message on the GTA social club as well. We are a diverse group of seasoned individuals both in game and real life, we treat our time to game as a valuable commodity and welcome conversation that inspires growth and community.


Welcome to Strats! We seem to be growing a diverse crowd here and I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!


I’ve out like 1 hour in to it. I didn’T really have to play it. What do you play it on ? PC or PS4 ?


PS4, usually everything I do will be on the PS4


What did you think about it? Me and @Nubhugs played the campaign and multiplayer for a bit if nothing it’s entertaining to play with friends.


ok, my PSN is TheGold-Fishy. Add me.


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