My Next Gen Console Fence Sitting just got complicated


Here I was all set to jump on the PS4, and MS had to do this:

Argh. I can’t argue with that one.


And you think Sony won’t follow suit with this? I think it could be possible.

Although that might hurt their streaming service. Not sure if Xbox has anything like that.


You already have a system that can play Xbox 360 games, why not get a system that can play PS4 games instead :wink:


I have one TV and the domestic partner’s rule is one console on that TV. That said, I would happily get a TV in my office to play the 360 games on the 360 without assistance from our punks. (and Netflix, and Hulu, and whatnot.)


I have a PS4 and I am considering grabbing an Xbone also… if they launch the new Halo as a bundle I don’t think I could stop myself.


I honestly don’t understand why people care about this so much. It’s such a shitty marketing grab. This is coming from a Microsoft shareholder, too.

Why do people want to play Xbox 360 games? Is there some 360 game that is just so amazing and hasn’t been redone for Xbox One?

For both PS4 and Xbox, backwards compatibility comes from emulation. The reason Sony hasn’t done it is because they offload that to servers over a distributed network. Since they charge for this, I assume people dislike it. Personally, I have no desire to play old PS3 games so it doesn’t bother me.

I don’t get it.


Completionists. Achievers who want those trophies/gamer points. People who have lots of games for last-gen consoles and don’t want to give them up.

Those are the reasons I see.


Those are valid. Not for me though. I have a hard time playing the old shit when the new hotness is right there waiting for me.

Also for what it’s worth I value Tomb Raider more than Halo as far as exclusive IP goes. Halo is dumb.


Not to mention it seems the Xbox community here is very small


Recruit more Xbox players. Only the community has the power to shape the direction of the community.


I don’t care at all about 360 games. I had them. I played them. I’m over them. I want shiny new exclusives. I’m still a huge fan of Halo series and because xbox didn’t have a halo game at launch they didn’t get my money (among other reasons). They corrected their grave error. Now I have no choice.


And this is what’s wrong with you kids these days. You can’t appreciate something that’s aged and refined.


I have tons of old systems and tons of old games that were not remade for newer systems.
I own so many PS3 and Xbox360 games. For that matter I have quite a few fun GameCube games as well. I have always loved Nintendo for being backwards compatible. Buying a new console and feeling like I no longer have the capability to play all those games I have come to know and love is just awful. Who wants to have to lose all their old games? Or rebuy them for a new system? Buy a game at 50$, sell it for 5$ and rebuy it for 60$? No thanks. Having a system that can play my 30-40 some-odd games I own for the previous system as well as the new games for the new system is a definite plus for me.


I have a backlog, and pick up those games when I am in the mood, my kids love a lot of the 360 games, and honestly I have ~60 XB360 games and more than a few that I will play from time to time. It’s kind of a pain to buy a system and have to either rebuy titles, shuffle between systems, or have a bunch of boxes sucking power. The advantage for me is the kids are able to play games we have, that they love, and I can grab new games as they come out. There are games on ps4 that I want to play, so I’m not ruling it out long term, but it’s a lot harder to justify when I can merge seamlessly into the new system. I also have a self admitted grudge against Sony for various weird formats that they pushed to become standards and then abandoned.


For note: this backwards compatibility is anything but what people are expecting, I suspect; here’s hoping they work very quickly to expand this list following the announcement.


Exactly. The small list is no surprise to me. Like I said…

PS4’s catalog for PS3 compatible games is much bigger because they aren’t running the emulation on the local system. Instead, they run it in server farms and stream video and input to the local client.

Of course, you pay for that.