My official announcement of migrating


Hey all!

This is my official notice that Twitch will no longer by my main streaming platform. I am making the move to Beam. Recently Beam was acquired by Microsoft, and they have a lot of features that will truly appeal to the masses once this kicks off. Microsoft has a lot of Ideas in the pipe for Beam, and albeit the website kind of sucks, and it’s still pretty clunky, but Microsoft should be able to make this pretty big. A couple features they want to do is:

  • FTL Streaming with 0.2 Seconds of lag - This is a real thing, it’s still buggy but true, I was playing a game literally from my streaming video.

  • Interactive Streaming - You can create your own games, and things to engage your viewer base. This will be absolutely massive with the whole “twitch plays” kind of stuff.

  • Integration into Windows and Xbox - The viewerbase may be small at the moment, but honestly it’s got a lot of potential to be more user friendly and easier to get in the eyes of a lot more people.

  • Integrate your Discord channel into your chat on stream. As well as the included BeamBot will broadcast an announcement when you go live, and has built in things to announce when you get a new follower as well.

And that’s not it either. It looks incredibly promising, and after all the time I spent on Twitch streaming every day(I know I haven’t in a long time), Twitch really isn’t the community I like anymore. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

If anyone would like to follow me that enjoys watching me fail at playing video games, check out the channel here!

If anyone would like some help on notification ideas or getting interactive stuff going, let me know, I wouldn’t mind collaborating on learning this new platform and figuring everything out!

Edit: This is not me saying I will never go back to Twitch. This whole thing might completely fall on it’s face. Wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft failed at something. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish you good luck on this endeavor.

Anyone know how Youtube Gaming is working out? :poop:


Actually I believe YouTube gaming is working very nicely, but it’s for a different group of streamers.

I’ve been talking with GamerZakh, who’s massively grown in popularity since I first collaborated with him when he had 500 subs, now he’s built a whole community around the live streaming on YouTube, but mainly because for him, he can make videos and stream on a platform he’s familiar with. Same goes for people like Markiplier, they find it easier to stream on YouTube because the interface is much simpler and easier to go live and such.

But it’s not for regular Joes that stream to twitch. I don’t think it ever was intended for that.