Name Reservation Working Again



If you’ve preordered and not already reserved your name (or if we haven’t reserved a guild name) the website is working again. I just managed to reserve “Auth” for the first time ever in a game! I usually have to use my handle’s last name, which I can now use for an alt :smiley:


Name reservation link:

How to make sure your names were reserved properly:


Already got it to work the first time i guess i was lucky


Nicely. I only preordered last night and found more threads pissing and moaning about the system not working than information on how to actually reserve my name, so I figured it might have been a problem for some of y’all. The devs have said it’s working correctly now, though, and I had no issues last night, so hopefully whatever was going wrong is done with.


So is this down now?


Yeah, they took the system offline last week I think. First come first serve at launch. Best of luck :smile:


i r admin!


Can’t register my name but we can mod forum posts?