Natural Selection 2

Brought it up on mumble tonight, definitely a game for the strategy-minded who crave action. Or the action-minded who love to work in groups. It’s the offspring of the FPS and RTS genres, and it’s absolutely amazing. There are two distinct factions: Marines and Kharra (alien). Included a link to alien gameplay below, have a look-see and consider picking it up on the next steam sale. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or want to play a match if you have it. Steam page link for the lazy.


That actually looks pretty damn cool.

Marine side is a bit more traditional FPS and easier to learn on. You also aren’t seeing the commander’s view in that clip. The commander is playing a top-down RTS. While there are a couple builder units s/he controls, most of his pieces are the other players, which he must get to do his bidding.

I’m not sure I fully understand what exactly is going on but this looks awesome.

This game and it’s predecessor (originally a Half-life mod) are some of my favorite FPS’ of all time. In my opinion it’s worth every cent, but next Steam sale (probably Christmas in July) I highly recommend anyone who enjoys a good competitive/cooperative shooter snag it up and have a go.

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The Hammerwatch post reminded me that the Humble store was still a thing and they’d partnered with Unknown Worlds to get NS2 up there recently. For those interested, it’s currently $8.33 for a Steam key here.

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This wonderful title is on sale this weekend, just saying :wink:

I’ve had this game for a little while, but have only played it a few times. It’s pretty awesome playing with friends.

There are a couple quality servers out there that I consistently have good experiences on, but with peeps you know it’s even better.

Imagine a full Strats team… drool