Neat computer cables


I think the back of my computer doesn’t look too bad, but I’m not exactly an expert and I didn’t make my computer for show. If you are particularly proud of the way you have the cables tied up in your computer, post a picture, I’m curious how others do it. I don’t normally post stuff from my facebook on this site but I know some of you will appreciate this.


My wife hated the way my cables were arranged so she came in and reworked everything with velcro ties.


That is some beautiful cable management.


Generally, as long as it looks clean in the front and there’s good airflow, I don’t care so much about how it looks behind the back panel. That’s just me though.

For example:

The Front - Nice and neat

The Back - Not as Much
(yes, it ended up a bit tidier than that, but not by a lot)


That link also took me to …omg, i just wasted so much time gawking at nice cables. haha