Need a new headset. Advice?

Okay so the headset I have hurts my ears really bad. My Grandma is sending me $50 in Christmas money, so that’s my budget unfortunately. What do you guys suggest?

HyperX makes some good headsets…I don’t have this particular one but good reviews for $50.


As I’ve mentioned many times on this forum, I am a Logitech guy. I own this set and really like it.

What makes your current headset hurt your ears? This is an over-the-ear set and fits me well. I have a big head.


Can’t go wrong with Logitech, in my opinion.


Mine is an older one that pushes in on my ears. i think it smashes them in against my head. That logitech one looks like it will leave plenty of room for my ears and even leave me an extra $10 to throw on steam :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

Check out my post on computer audio and how to improve it for cheap-or-free:

Basically, as you can surmise from the post, there are no headsets that are going to give you any form of decent sound quality - they’re all geared towards gamers, who don’t care about sound quality and just expect the fact that “it makes noise”.

If you don’t care about this then both Logitech and Razer make headsets that won’t fall apart on you in a year or two. They won’t sound anywhere near good, but they do make noise and pick up your voice through their microphones.

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Not worried about the sound quality to a great extent. Everything sounds just fine to me. Of course, I am partially deaf (on a side note: don’t stand too close to explosions).
Mostly concerned about comfort. I’m beginning the stream on Twitch and the headset is hurting my ears, causing me to stop after a few hours. Thanks though!

Honestly, when wearing my Logitech headset I feel like I hear more sounds than when using my speakers.

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What speakers would those be? @teh_ninjaneer

Logitech speakers, of course. 5.1 analog.

+1 on @skidoLLaZ recommendation. Have heard nothing but good things about the stingers. If they are similar in anyway to the cloud 2 then it will be a great headset (audio and mic)

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I have the logitech g430 as well and they are great (I needed a lot of space because I wear glasses and some headphones are murder with the pressure)

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If you’re looking for comfort over audio quality I’d agree with the g430s and the HyperXClouds. The stinger has some things wrong with it and it made my ears hot when I tested them out at best buy.

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