Need advice for a ps4 game to get



With taxes coming back I always try to get something for myself, most of the time it’s a game. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good game to get. Doesn’t have to be new.


I know a bunch of people are getting The Division a week from tomorrow… I guess it depends on what you’re in the mood to play…


The Division…hands down.


Bloodborne!+DLC. If you don’t already own it.


The Division
The Last of Us: Remastered
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
Rocket League

I mean, there are a ton of quality titles out there, but these are my recommendations :wink:


If you’re new to PS4 gaming, The Last of Us is a must experience.

Bloodborne is good, but can be frustrating as all hell. Driveclub is fun if you want a racing title.

As a few others have suggested, The Division is going to be A LOT of fun especially with the size of our clan.

If you haven’t, play the Uncharted Collection as well and pre-order Uncharted 4 :smiley:


The Division!
I’m having a ton of fun in Far Cry Primal. If you haven’t played The Last of Us then that is a must


The Division. Any other games are unacceptable atm.

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The division, have a huge ps4 clan here with plenty of friends and good times ahead.


too hard for me. I just wind up getting mad.


btw. The Division. without a doubt.


Alright don’t like third person shooters/mmo(devision). Has anyone played dragonball xenoverse? I saw it at the store and was wondering about it.


What type of games are you looking for? FPS? RPG? I can probably recommend at least one title for most genre’s…


But your avatar is Gally?


Destiny=first person not third person… And when I saw the devision it didn’t really look like I would like it. I may change my mind down the road but for now. It’s no.

And I was trying to find a single player game maybe rpg or action adventure.


2 full FPS ARPG’s with all their DLC’s. If you’ve never played them, you really should (I got a few hundred hours out of the first game alone).


I have it. And yes it is awesome. Lol


I know it Destiny is FPS, I just meant that Destiny is basically an MMO. Also, the devs of The Division call the game an Action RPG. I think there are many people who plan on playing the Division solo offline (although you wont find them on here!)


I know. I just keep seeing trailers and stuff and it doesn’t look like I would like it. So I’m gonna wait to see if I change my mind


Dragon Age!