Need advice for setting up Tv as monitor

Hi all, yes its been awhile since I posted mostly due to medical reasons. Anyway I am wanting to get back to gameing but find I cant use my current setup for more than 30mins or so at moment, I am thinking of changing my set up to use a TV as monitor and game from an armchair.

TLDR Anything special I need to be worried about using a TV as monitor, I will be over 2m away from screen


I think the main thing is ensuring that it’s 60hz or better which can be harder to get with a TV. There are also some calculations you can do to figure out the right size for the distance you’re sitting, though that might be different for gaming.

Also, welcome back, great to see you around!

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The only problem I have with mine is some added eyestrain. Only a problem on certain games though.

Yeah, if you’re sitting back a bit from it, UI size will be a factor in some games. Like @Vocino said, making sure you have a decent refresh rate and response time is a big deal. If you don’t already have a TV and are looking to get one for this purpose, I’ve had good luck with the Sharp Aquos line over the years; always been affordable and reliable (@PreshusKitty and I used a couple over the last decade+ as computer monitors up until a year ago).

Most TVs will have some kind of “Game” display mode (along with cinema, sports, vivid, etc.). You want to make sure you switch it to “game” mode, or turn any of those other modes “off”. This will turn off most (or all) of the additional processing done by your TV and reduce the latency significantly (i.e. the delay in time between when something happens in the game, and when they TV actually displays it).


@Bradum wow I had no idea that actually worked. I always thought it was just an adjustment of color, contrast, etc.

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Exactly what it does depends on the TV, but that’s generally what it does.

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What @bradum said. Display lag is a major issue with a lot of tvs. I have done extensive research on the subject in the past when purchasing TVs for my family room. Is a great resource for gathering some data on what TVs are best for gaming. They even have guides on certain TVs to ensure you’re setting the right settings to turn off the extra processing features that cause additional display lag. If you’re in the market to get a new tv, definitely check out that site.

Edit: some TVs even have a PC mode that is intended for use with a pc. I had an LG tv that I tried this setting with. The game mode was better for use with an Xbox one than the PC mode was.

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thank you all

The TV is an LG smart TV that I already own


the armchair tends to give me tension headaches if I play too intensely, also eye strain gets worse the further back you go. I had to move my chair back to accommodate having a 1 year old in the living room and now I can’t do any programming or play some games on my big computer cause it kills the eyes, even with super large font. I would rather have a small cheap monitor really close on a tray table than deal with the eye strain, but that’s me.
I use something similar to this but a litter better

Gave it a try on my TV and it just made the screen shimmer and instantly made my eyes hurt. Granted I have a vizio so it’s sort of bargain basement feature wise.

vizios are awesome for gaming
you should be able to find the game setting pretty easy. i got rid of my LG and bought a vizio purely because the input lag was top in its class.

Found it and it made things worse on mine.

On my Vizio, game mode wasn’t quite enough. I still had to follow a guide to making sure a couple other processing settings were turned off. Try that link I posted above and look for a specific guide for you exact model.


Gave it a look and they don’t seem to have any recent models from Vizio on there.

What model of Vizio?

You’re right. Seems like they stopped updating the site in 2017. That’s a shame because it was a great resource.


Extra words so the forum will let me post…

Have you tried to go over some of these settings here?

Should note about their comment regarding gaming

On the Vizio E Series 2017, the most important setting to turn on is the ‘Game Low Latency’ option. The picture mode you are in does not really change anything to the input lag, so you can be in ‘Calibrated dark’ and just turn on ‘Game Low Latency’ and you should have the best input lag available. All HDMI port have the same input lag.

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That makes things much less colorful, but seems to feel easier on the eyes. Popped NMS for a minute and while I can still feel a bit of pull on the eyes it is much better. Thanks for the help.