Need advice re- Samsung phones


I am in the process of getting rid of EVERY single apple product I own, yeah I know what your all thinking, ““about time””. I am interested in a Samsung S6 or maybe even an S7.
My query is whether to get a refurb S6, risk an eBay S6 or just pay the extra and get the S7 with the VR attachment thats currently thrown in for free. Please let me know what you think

thank you


I own an S6 and it works well for what I do. Sadly I don’t even need a smartphone because I never use half the functions available on one. I’m sitting near my desk for most of the day.

I know nothing about the S7 and its capabilities.

If I had to give an opinion I don’t see why a refurb would be a problem. No reason to take a chance on an ebay failboat.


refurb S6 is actually what I am currently leaning towards


I have a S6 Edge and I really like it. I use my phone constantly for work, as I have no desk. The only thing I wish is that I didn’t get the edge. It makes the phone hard to grab without touching the screen.


I’d go with the S7 if only for the battery life. The S6 is a good phone but the battery could have been larger. S7’s specs are also a lot better with Vulcan support, more memory, more cores and higher clock rates. The S7 will also support the next rendition of Android OS as the S6 will probably be done after Marshmallow.


Also, with VR support moving forward - you’re going to want the S7 for better hardware support and latest and greatest OS support and updates. If you want to chat about more of this stuff, ping me on Discord.


I would… Oh wait… You only want Samsung phone advice?
Why limit yourself?


TBH I was thinking of samsung due to very good exp with them as a brand in the past. I would listen to any advice on another brand, as long as it isnt apple hehe


I have an S6 Edge+ and it’s great! I’d stick with the S6 since there weren’t many changes made when making the S7. It is waterproof and has a slightly larger battery… and that’s about it. I charge my phone while I sleep, and by the time I go to put it back on the charger it is still over 50% battery.


Hai, need moar friends?

Ever done some research on Nexus phones? Te Nexus 6P is an awesome phone. The whole Android experience is the best. Not that ugly looking iPhone OS… Ewwww those flat everything.

You can never go wrong with a Nexus device. Hardware wise its pretty much the same as a Galaxy S6 but with NONE bloatware that we all know Samsung adds. Yes… yesss… yes. You can root it and add your own custom rom.

My first smarthphone was an iPhone 3GS, was living in Canada when it came out and got it day 2. Then Samsung Galaxy came out… BoOm got one and loved that phone!! Then HTC X International until wife broke the screen cleaning the bedroom lol. And when i got my first Nexus device… Oh man oh man… Butter smooth all over the place.

Go and watch some review, benchmarks, whats best for the money and for what actually you need to phone to do.


The hardware in the 6P still isn’t as good as the newest Galaxy lineup. Plus the VR headset is sold completely seperately with Nexus devices.

Carrier bloatware can be disabled if need be, its pre-installed and can be annoying, but that can be mostly remedied.


Misunderstood. Ignore me.


Can we please keep it to a range? 6P is no close to VR samsung… so you fail to compare bro


Keep it in range? You’re the one who brought up Nexus. HTC doesn’t have a high-end flagship phone to even talk about. LG has the V10, which has a decent set of specs, similar to the 6P. What do I fail at again?


TBH, pretty much all phones these days have hardware that’s significant overkill for normal usage. Even displaying VR isn’t hard when they’re pre-rendered images.

The only reason I go with the more expensive Galaxy S series is because of the OLED screen.


Although Samsung is nice, after experiencing pure android on my Nexus 6p, I find it hard to recommend anything but the Nexus 5x or 6p to people looking for phones. They are cheaper, can be unlocked with a finger print (no button press), and most importantly they do not have any carrier bloatware because they are all unlocked. This is coming from a guy who changes phones about 3-4 times a year…I have been with my Nexus 6p almost a year now.


I am unsure what you mean by “pure” android ??


He means stock operating system… vanilla with no added features/software from different carriers…

All of the newer Samsung devices have fingerprint technology that works fine. Especially with Android 6.0, my Note 5 unlocks very fast with no issues. As for carrier installed software (bloatware) there are very easy wasy to disable any feature or app that you do not want/need. The Nexus 6P still does not drive the better set of hardware when it comes to gaming and VR, although, its not a bad phone by any means…


@Zniri besides wanting to experience VR mobile, what else are you expecting to do with the new device? How much longevity are you expecting? Is there a budget you are trying to stay under?


Pure android experience is something you get only from Nexus devices or a custom rom. Means there is no tons of useless apps like on Samsung, HTC devices for example.

So you get a PURE Android experience.

Example: and this is what i use

This is pretty much how it would look in any device… the pure android experience.

Nexus 5 is amazing… A- MEI - ZING
I even use mine for 3D viewer and it works good. I am currently using the lastest of this rom With stereo mod…