Need an HDMI matrix


The new home is almost complete! I need a recommendation for a 4x2 true matrix that supports HDCP 2.2, I need that 4k. Im looking at this one but I’m pretty lost.


A cursory glance around didn’t turn up anything I saw that was better; seems there aren’t a ton of 2.2 options available right now.


Cool cool, well I ordered it. I’ll let Y’all know how it works out.


When are companies going to smarten up and just make everything DisplayPort?


Right! Super bummed I couldn’t find a matrix with a display port. I’m looking at the Asus Swift 34" for my monitor.


Very nice. A couple of us have the 34" Acer X34 Predator (which is the same panel) and love it. The Asus one is actually cheaper on amazon at the moment though.


but never at the right one :sadgumball: