Need Companions for Dragon Age Multiplayer


I have put about 10 hours into the single player. I would like to try the multiplayer but I need some hearty companions to adventure with me. I have Dragon Age on PS4.

Let me know!



Hey man! I moved your post into the “looking for group” (LFG) category. We have a lot of people playing Dragon age. I’ll call @teh_ninjaneer for you.


Thank you sir. Sounds good.

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I’m playing DA regularly, and have yet to try the co-op. Feel free to add me and hit me up at some point.

I have Dragon Age for ps4 and have yet to try the multiplayer. I will most likely have some time this weekend. PSN is PreshusKitty

Multiplayer is pretty cool, although it is a HUGE grind to get any of the other characters, or if you’re lucky, you can get them from chests (RNGesus take the wheel!). I’m up for it too, been playing a lot this week of both Campaign and MP. Hit me up!

PSN - Pittinjury


Cool guys. My PSN: cuddlefysh2. Add me and lets kill stuff.


Hit me up as well only done a lil of the MP but I’m down as well to murder thingies