Need guide or help for gearing up in GW2



as topic suggests I am after some kind of guide to help get gear and specs needed for raiding please, I found these sites but unsure if info is outdated

thank you


Unsure what char to use at moment, leaning towards ranger but necro is close 2nd


Looks about right. I’ll try and break it down for you the best i can. This if for armor and weapons in particular. For Trinkets, see the last part at bottom of post.

  1. You need to deiced what character you want to gear up.
  2. Need to work on getting the armor/weapon crafting for that class to 500.
  3. When you reach lvl 450 for the crafting class, you can start doing your once a day crafts for the ascended
  4. When you hit 500 in crafting you need to deiced what stat set you want. Power, condition, tank, heals, etc…
  5. Save your laurel. Will need 30 of them to buy the ascended recipes from the laurel vendor to craft the items. The recipe will be for a specific stat set requiring a specific inscription/insignia.
  6. Get the ascended inscription/insignia from the corresponding vendor. Depending on the stat set it could require karma/map specific items (geodes or bandit crest from dry top or silverwaste.)
  7. Gather the materials and craft the items.

Alternatively if the RNG gods look down upon you, you can get ascended armor and weapon from tequatl, triple trouble, silverwaste, dry top and the new zones as well as from sPvP and WvW drops but in lower chances that the ones listed before.

For Trinkets, you will need to do this.

  1. Pick the stat set you want, typically it is the same as the armor.
  2. For Rings, you can use laurels to buy them from the laurel vendor or you can run fractals and use your pristine fractal relics to get them or possibly get them from drops in fractals.
  3. For Accessories, you can use laurels and ectoplasm to buy them from a laurel vendor or you can use your guild commendations, earned from guild missions, to buy them from a guild commendation merchant for 12 commendations and 5 gold.
  4. For Amulet, you can buy with laurels from the laurel merchant.
  5. For an ascended backpiece, this one is a little more tricky. I think one of the easiest ascended backpieces to get is the Mawdrey, but this one is only available if you have the living world season 2. Other than that you need to find a backpiece from this [list] ( You can always get with me and i can work with you to find what back piece is easiest for you to get.

One thing i haven’t mentioned is that the trinkets have several choices for them for infusion slots. For rings and accessories, when i find the stat set that i like i will pick the same stat set for the defensive and offensive infusion slots. For the amulet and the backpiece i pick either offensive, i’m i’m playing an offensive stat set or defensive if i’m playing a defensive stat set. I can also help anyone out with this in game as well.

One final note for the trinkets, they are unique items and you cannot wear the same named item on the same character. That is why for the ring and accessory slot i pick both a defensive and offensive version of the stat set i want cause they are two different items.

I hope this helps but this is a very short and sweet explanation. If there are any questions you can always hit me up in mumble or in game and i’ll help you make the decision of what is right for you.


This is the guide I used to craft my Ascended set about a month ago, so the info is fairly up to date (unless something changed in HoT that I’m unaware of).

And just to clarify [quote=“Diacuss, post:3, topic:8924”]
2) Need to work on getting the armor/weapon crafting for that class to 500.

When he says “Armor” this would mean Leather Working for your Ranger or Tailor for your Necromancer, not the actual “Armor Smith” craft. I’m fairly certain you understood that, but better safe than sorry.