Need help with the Thorn bounty. Anyone want to help?

So, I am trying to complete the Thorn bounty, however I am TERRIBLE at PvP. Does anyone that is good at PvP want to get together in a fireteam and play crucible to help a brother out? I have Atheon’s Epilogue, a void shotgun and Truth, so I’m equipped correctly. Just no good at PvP.

PS4 - s0ul_sc0rcher
online after 7 PM MST most nights.

I’m happy to help if I’m on. I’m always in a PS Party chat called “Strats & Friends” or similar.

I used to say I suck at PVP as well. I’m not as consistent as the those that do it alot, but I tend not to hold my team back.

So what did I do? I PVPed. Quite a bit.

For me at least, a big point in doing good in PVP is knowing the maps. Learn where the little nooks are, What the lines of attack tend to be.

The other thing is to really pay attention to your radar. It has saved my life many times. I know which direction to face etc.

In general, A. Epilogue is a horrible PVP gun, that being said. when I redid the thorn bounty the other day I had that equipped. I got a few kills with it, but most were with my fusion rifle. I’ve never been good with a shotgun, but then the first time I did the bounty I didn’t have a void shotty so used a fusion and eventually got used to it.

Which class are you working on this with? Make sure you have the right build. Void damage that is. Unless hunter, then it’s all weapons.

Bottom line, When you start out going for the bounty just PVP. Do your best, learn the maps, and get used to the different play style. At the beginning you will die a lot. Watch your radar and if it’s life or death don’t worry about killing a badguy with a non void thing. better no points than -2.

Anyway PSN = Tycatte