Need Ideas for Sub Emote

So now that I’ve gotten the Twitch Affiliate achievement out of the way, one of the perks is the ability to add three different emotes (one for each of the sub tiers - $4.99/$9.99/$24.99). As I didn’t have much of a plan beyond completing the achievement by mid-April, I can’t say I gave much thought to what emotes I should have. Heck, I don’t really have a stream theme so-to-speak either!

While I’d like to have some consistency between the three emotes, I’m stuck on what they should actually be. I get that I should have the best emote at the $4.99 level (otherwise it will never the see the light of day) & was thinking some HYPE could work. As to what would be HYPEd up:

  • Poutine - can poutine be an emote? It’s Canadian & we all know I chug maple syrup by the gallon.
  • Babyforce - she’s going to be in the background of many streams & I was thinking a caricature or something of her would be cool.
  • Scrub Brush - I’m always talking about being a scrub.

Got some better ideas? And any got a recommendation on who to check out for a commission?

+1 <<

+1 <<

+1 <<

Let me know if I can be of any graphics work help.

So Babyforce, eh? At least that’s what I’m gathering from the +1 << train.

You can always be of any graphics work help. :wink: I just feel like I keep going back to the well & feel guilty about it.

Grats on the affiliate!

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