Need money for fallout 4


well as some of you guys know im just a teenager. i have like no way of making money because i cant get a job yet and i want fallout 4 any suggestions to raise some money? thanks for reading



You could always try Bing rewards; they really want folks using it and the system doesn’t seem too bad. I think @Vocino and @tommy2118 are both doing it right now :wink:


sounds like a good idea, thanks


How old are you?


14 i hope i didnt have to be a certain age to sign up here…


You’re fine, >=13 is the requirement for the forums (per law; not our decision) :wink:


oh thank god :grinning:


When I was s youngin I made good money babysitting - but you have to have the right disposition for that. You can also do yard work, walk dogs, or anything else that might be helpful in whatever neighborhood or apartment complex you live in. Let your parents know there is something you are interested in buying and you are willing to work for it. They might help you come up with something.


Ok thanks for the suggestion i might try babysitting


Figured I’d post this here in case this is an option for you: