Need people to play with


Hey guys I’m new and looking for people to play bf1 on the PS4 with me I am also 19 years old


Welcome to Strats! As I don’t think you’re in Canada with me, I’ll offer you a :lollipop: because you’ve got to wait a couple years before :beer:.

And I see you’ve found the BF1 post. The person you want to track down is @xploz1on - he’s the BF1 master in these parts.


Wats up riley. Theres a whole bunch of us on bf1. Go ahead and add a bunch of ppl everyones pretty cool man. My psn id: iRackem92.
But if your feelin risky and mighty and want to give our new friend here a :beer: i promise i wont call the police.


hahaha of course :wink: :beers: i just sent you a friend request.


Welcome! What is your psn?






@Riley_Thomas Welcome to the cave!!

Added you to PSN, we shall play the battlefield tonight!




okay cool sounds good what time do you think? i live in E.S.T


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


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