Need recommendations for new bluetooth headphones


My Bose Q35s are starting to be staticy. The right headphone sounds like it’s broken. What should I get?

The existing threads seem a bit out of date but maybe not.


Do they have to be legit bluetooth? Or would wireless with a receiver be adequate?


I’d prefer to have the option of using the with other devices. Having to carry a dongle or something kinda sucks.


As I’ve mentioned before, Bose QC35 is probably one of the most comfortable headphones you can buy, and the noise cancelling is amazing, but you’re definitely sacrificing in the audio quality. So while the other options I give will sound better, neither of them will be quite as comfortable or good at noise cancelling (but still not bad by any means).

While you’re ALWAYS sacrificing in the audio qulaity department when it comes to bluetooth headphones, these are probably the most highly regarded among the audiophile community:

I have the wired version of these, which are also quite good:

I’d probably go with the Sony, save $100, and get these for gaming as well:



I might just get a new pair of Bose. They have been so great to me.


I have a set of the Bose Noise canceling ear buds. I love them. I get really distracted by noise. I have found that I can even work in the living room when the kids are watching TV when I’m wearing them.