Need some feed back

Hello Crew.

I am currently working on a huge race that will have a huge prize. I am almost done but I want to get some feed back from you all as to what you think this race should be.

Currently I have a race that is about 20 min for one lap, I may make the race 2 or 3 laps, it is in the morning, and everyone has the same car. I am thinking of making it a scavenger hunt race, with the winner being the person with most finds, and the best time, so that everyone has the same chance to win regardless of driving skill. This is a GTA race, so I think you will be able to get out of your car; have not been able to though in the test runs, contestants will have to take a selfie with each scavenger item.

So I ask:

How many laps should the race be; the race goes around the whole map, around the Alamo sea, and through the city, I used all 68 check points allowed by Rock Star, as I stated one lap right now is about 20 min, but I am not a very good driver, and the traffic is turned on as well as wanted level.

Should we be able to shoot each other; you will spawn back at the last check point, at least that what happened when I ended up in the sea, and was unable to get out, and the check points are spread out quite a bit, especially on the open highway.

Should we have teams; don’t know how the big cash prize would be split.

Should there be a buy in/ bet to sweeten the pot, I was thinking around 1-5K, there are 30 slots open, this would add quite a bit of money to the already big prize.

Race day and time? I am thinking New Years day/evening depending on everyone’s availability, I am thinking most of us will have the day or evening off, there are 30 slots open, and I would love to see them all filled.

I plan on making the official announcement on the forum with all finalized details and sign up sheet on 12/12. Any feed back on the questions above will be greatly appreciated.



On those really long races I prefer them to be point-to-point (or 1 lap). Getting through 20 minutes of driving only to have to run the same scenery again might be a little tedious.

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I agree with @Vocino. If it’s going to be the entire map it should be one lap. 20 minutes is a long time for one race, and one issue I see in races is that if someone messes up and falls behind it can be REALLY hard to catch up to someone who is a skilled driver. It can be really discouraging if your miles behind. Events on a holiday is iffy. Come Thanksgiving the forums were pretty barren for a few days but that period of time might be different

That being said I like the idea of a 2-3 person a team race. That way you can swap drivers if there needs to be a car change, and give drivers a break. I’ve never done an extended race but I really like the idea. I also like the thought of a scavenger hunt, that might be really fun. That makes me think of a weekly contest of a “where am I?” where you upload a picture of yourself in some location in the game and players have to try to replicate the picture at that location.

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Like that contest idea, I bet that was fun. I was going to take a selfie at each scavenger item and up load them to the forum or GTA social club, so that racers know what to look for.

As for the date, I am not at all married to 1/1, I want to accommodate as many racers as possible. I really don’t care when we have it, or time. I am willing to stay up past my bed time.

What do you think will be the best way count the pictures of scavenger item taken; I was thinking they would have to upload them to Social Club, any suggestions?

Oh and I totally agree with keeping it at one lap, it is a long and tricky course, but I made it that way so that the not so skilled may have chance to catch up if the more experienced drivers push their luck.

Your right, it is basically three races in one.

I think the race aspect is going to make things difficult while simultaneously doing a scavenger hunt. Even with the scavenger hunt mechanic in place, a race that long is going to give huge advantage to better drivers with faster cars unless we go on honor system to not use our cell phones for mechanic/merriweather/etc or use any car other than the starter.

I think, for a scavemger hunt, a crew lobby and a time limit (say, 1 in game day) would be more efficient. The race mechanic (once half of the players or teams finish) will automatically disqualify the back half, making it a potentially more importand mechanic than the scavenger hunt. Also, be aware there is a pretty significant lag (at least on previous gen) for pictures to show up on the social club website, so there will be a judging delay.

Just my two cents on the matter from previous in game event experience :wink:

I was not aware that in a created race, mechanic/merriweather/ etc… were available. I was thinking that everyone use the same car, and the scavenger hunt would help even the playing field for those with less driving abilities. However, people may be able to steal a car I suppose.

As far as the lag time, the prize does not have to be awarded immediately after the race, it could be given the next day.

The betting would have to be eliminated though because the winner of the race itself would win that.

Perhaps it would be best to leave out the scavenger hunt and GTA aspect, and just make this a regular race. However, I think those with lesser driving abilities may be to intimidated to participate.

I think a monster race and a scavenger hunt both work well separately, but not together because of the mechanics at play in GTA. Maybe a GTA race in a silly vehicle where you’re not allowed to change vehicles so we can still blow each other the hell up: mopeds, perhaps :wink: