Need some good vibes today


My brother tim is having surgery as we speak to remove a node from his lung that was discovered after a MRI. He had surgery last year to remove a bunch of cancerous nodes from his neck and we are hoping that this isnt another outbreak of the melanoma. there are a total of 2 in his lung and they are only taking 1 now to biopsy and then we wait for results and a battle plan. If i have seemed like a loner the last few days now you know why. I am worried as worried can be as he is my only living immediate family i have left.So if you have a free minute today please say a prayer…send good vibes…anything will help…thank you all and god bless.


You and your family have got this! I’m sure your bro will pull through, and whatever happens you will all be stronger in the end.
And Strats will always be here for you too!!


Godspeed to you and your brother. No need to explain yourself, we all have our burdens to carry.


Stay strong for your brother @Droul. Being positive is one of the best things you can do, even though it is easier said than done. Stay in good spirits, I’ll be thinking of you two.

Like Wheatums said, your friends at Strats are here for you two, you are not alone.


Good luck man! I’m sure everything will be fine. They keep hospitals like an assembly line and he will be good in no time.


Godspeed sir. Good luck, we hope for the best.


All the best regards to you and your family, friend. Stay strong.


Prayers are with you and your brother. Stay strong and we’re here for you.


Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. Surgery went well now we just have to wait for the biopsy results.


God bless @Droul, you are in our thoughts and prayers


thinking of you and your brother, been missing ya in Los Santos, hurry back.


I will keep you and your brother in my prayers.


Both of you hang in there! Wishing the best for you and your brother.

That aside, I’m fairly certain that if you just need to vent, at least one of us here would be willing to lend an ear.


Best wishes for a good surgery and a fast recovery.


All of you are incredible…thank you again…i am humbled by your friendship and support.


How is everything going with your brother?

UPDATE on my Brother