Need some help!



I have been lucky enough to have 2 exotic weapons Bounties. I need to run 25 strikes before xur leaves sunday. Will anyone be able to help me knock these out in a fun filled couple hours in the strike playlist? I also need to do 5 strikes without dying so for those 5 we will do the easiest strikes possible just in case. Please lemme know if you can help me…i will be on from when i get up tomorrow…around noonish until late tomorrow night. Then again on saturday if i dont get them done tomorrow…THANK YOU!!


@Droul Strike Playlists for 20+ (Friday, Sept 25, 19:00 PST)
Looks like @Vocino is trying to get some strikes going this weekend. Just sayin’


Got the same challenge, so I can always help while I am not in VoG ; )