Need some OBS audio advice


Ok so here we go, now typically this is something that I normally have no issue with, but lately I’ve seen some talk from my viewers that will say my desktop audio vs. My mic volume is a bit off(usually mic is to quiet, desktop is too loud)

However, when I turn up my mic to be louder than my music/desktop I get a lot of spiking when I watch the recording or twitch replay. But if I turn down desktop then everyone says they can’t hear the in game sound that well.

So I guess the question is, how far do you/should I keep the mic from my mouth? I usually have it about 5-10 inches from my mouth, at a lower volume? Or maybe like a foot away with a higher volume. Right now I’m using it at a high volume and close to my mouth and I’m getting a lot of spiking. Is it nessecarily the problem on my end? Or could it be the user and their volume? It’s incredibly hard to balance volume for me since I use a mixer for all my volume levels so their never accurate to what they should be as far as what I’m hearing.

What is your opinion guys? How do you set up your audio for OBS? What do you use to test the balance?

For the record, I’m using an Audio Technica AT2020 mic and a harbinger 5 channel mixer to connect my elgato, tv and computer all to one set of headphones.


Have you looked at auto-ducking configurations? Also are you streaming console or PC? If console have you considered using the elgato game capture? It has built in auto-ducking which will fade game audio fairly good once you start speaking.

Besides that I would just test different mic distances and either do some test local recordings or off schedule streams and view things from a tablet or your PC.


If I’m understanding your signal flow correctly, you hear everything via the mixer but OBS is getting the audio before it hits your mixer? If this is the case, you need to sit down with someone and get your Mic/Aux (boost) and Desktop (boost) multiplier levels established under Settings -> Audio in OBS; once you have that baseline well-established, you should have some play room on your OBS sliders beneath your preview where you can tweak things appropriately without throwing everything completely out of whack. The simplest way to do this is just get someone you trust to sit in your stream and type to you until you get things leveled out with the ratio between the two multipliers.

Otherwise, we need to try and get either your OBS or headphone audio pre-fader and the other post-fader so they can be manipulated in a way that’s easily-understood and not detrimental to either you or the audience. Probably headphones pre-fader (monitor insert, etc.) if it were me rather than the other way around, though either way would work.