Need to Find a new Place to live ASAP!


Guys i am in a bit of a pickle yet again. I need to move in late July as my brother and sister in law are moving to California for a new job. I had plans to move to OKC but they fell through today and i am freaking out. Ive got 3 months to find a room to rent or i am gonna be in a world of hurt. If any of you have a room that you would be willing to rent or know someone who does please let me know ASAP…i am disabled but do not require anything special. I have a steady…yet small…income so i am able to reliably pay rent. Can travel pretty much anywhere so please guys help out a fellow strategist!! Please shoot me a DM or post if you have anything or any ideas!! Thanks!



It varies from area to area but the best site for that is probably PadMapper. You can filter by looking for “room” specifically so you can declutter from full leases.



I had a buddy use Air bnb for a while and he lived in a house for a great deal. He really liked it, never even really saw the people that lived there. I would give that a go.



Bud I have a 2 bedroom townhouse all to myself, if you need a place to crash, one of the rooms is yours. It is my game room but I do have a futon in it plus a walk in closet. I’m living in Florida.



@DrizztDo_Urden69 im floored bro…Thank You…I will shoot you a PM here and we can talk details!!

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