Need to sound proof my windows becoz dog


So I need to sound proof two windows in my bedroom because of my neighbors dog. Even though he is inside their house I can still hear him and he wakes me up. Today it was 5:30am, I don’t have to be at work until 9-9:30am. Anyway, poor old me :cry:, I need to fix this issue. I’m just reaching out to see if anyone here has any experience with sound proofing? I was thinking of going to home depot and creating some kind of drywall sandwich. I was thinking maybe cutting some drywal to fit my window, then glue it to some sound board (is it even called sound board? I still need to research), and then drywall again on the other side. I figured the drywall on the inside would fit to the window, then the sound board middle would fit to the entire frame so it would be a snug fit, then maybe drywall on the outside to close it off. Anyone have any other ideas?


A few of my friends and I live in an older house and our neighbor used to complain he could hear us. So… What we did was bought sound blocking curtains and my friend found this sound blocking tape and we taped the Windows where sound could get in and out. It worked and he hasn’t been over since.

I don’t know how loud the dog is but you could give that a shot. The room we have that all is much quieter then our other rooms. It was a cheap, quick, and easy solution.

Or you could call this guy…


lol I love that episode with newman! and thanks for the advice. My wife would much rather curtains vs me blocking the entire window.


sadly barking dogs is the number 1 issue for neighbour disputes-fights, before it gets to that might try chatting to him and letting him know the impact it has on you. he might get some kind dog training . But if it gets more drastic and you think blocking window is the go you might also want to get some sound insulating bats then the drywall.
Whilst this does sound drastic its not like your in the bedroom often other than sleep and a bit of you know what


I had to contact him before via letter on his door step because he refused to answer the door (when he and his wife were home. lol) and he put a letter back on my door step basically calling me a liar. Then he spoke to my wife one day and said he recorded the dog barking all day…as the dog does when they leave. Literally all day. The dog is inside their house so it’s a bit difficult, its not like I can just call the cops. He did put some sound proofing in his window facing my house, but the dog obviously has separation issues. I’ve never heard a dog bark for 8 hours in a row before. I can’t believe the dog can actually last that long to be honest. lol. I’m going to do some sound proofing myself and if that isn’t enough I’m going to have to talk to him again. They lock the dog in the same room every day and I don’t see why they couldn’t put him in the basement. Oddly enough, when he woke me up very early this morning, I noticed the wife was gone…she was gone from 5:30am and came back around 7-8am. I have NO idea how her husband could still be asleep and not hear this dog. lol. My neighbors are making me hate dogs. I won’t even get into the neighbors on the other side that leave their dog outside to bark all day in the freezing cold. Some of you have already heard me talk about that previously.


If he is 1 of those types of neighbours I would suggest looking at moving. I know it seems extreme but this problem aint going away and aint getting fixed any time soon


i think he sincerely tried to lessen the noise, but it isn’t enough. I will go talk to him again if I can’t fix it myself. I also have to use window AC, but that will change this year as I plan on installing a mini-split AC system in my house. Boy I can’t wait to not use window AC ever again. lol. I told my wife the next house we purchase the neighbors will be far away. lol


If you let him know at the start that your just trying to help both of you he might be more agreeable also, feel less threatened


That is…if he answers the door. I’ve been over there 3 times before when they were both home and they won’t answer. lol. They have been here for 4 years now and I still have never met the wife. I’m a very odd person, and I’m a hermit…so that harsh if I am saying that. haha


Something else you could do is check the homeowners agreement or with your neighborhood’s association to see if there’s some other means of resolving the issue. It seems to me like the concept of “your rights/privileges only extend insofar as they don’t infringe on others” should be coming into question at this point.


While I’ll concede that things might be different with me being Canadian, I do have some personal experience with a barking dog.

Back when I still lived at home (which is a long time ago), we had a miniature schnauzer who thought his role in life was the guard his house, front yard, general portion of the street out front and any of us regardless of where we might be so long as we were in sight. Being the big tough dog that he could be, he used his voice to let everyone in the neighbourhood know he was there. While we took him to training and thought we had the barking under control, we eventually learned from a neighbour that he’d still protect his house & front lawn when he felt it necessary - again by barking. Not eight hours worth like you’ve witnessed, but enough to scare away the mailman.

One of our neighbours eventually complained to the SPCA (who held the animal control contract of the municipality at the time) who proceeded to investigate by parking their van in front of our house, knocking on the front door while we were not home, and then “observing” our dog by standing on the front lawn watching the dog in the window above. They eventually came by and told us that our dog was in violation of noise control bylaws and outlined that beyond fines, they may seize the animal (which was nuts in our mind).

So this has me thinking - are there not noise bylaws that could help find resolution in the matter? Your neighbour has already shrugged off your reasonable step to talk and frankly, it sounds like you have some documentation that could assist in an investigation. If it comes to fines, it might help move things along.


Unfortunately i don’t have that documentation anymore. just threw it away. I’m not sure I want to go to the SPCA yet, but I mean I think it is kind of cruel to lock a dog up in a room when you know he has separation anxiety and he will bark his lungs off all day. I’m kind of just hoping the dog dies. I think he is old. That’s sad to say, but only my neighbor across the street really even takes care of their dogs properly.


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